Bees and Thank You

Dear Readers,
Your response to A Book Deal for Bee Cottage has gob-smacked me, and I am so grateful to you I could bust. If you were wondering, I absolutely do read every single-dingle comment and treasure every word. Yessiree Bob I do. And I really appreciate your feedback on the book’s subtitle (to be continued). I’m not always able to respond individually, but trust me, hun, you are forever on my Love List. These simple bees and bouquets are for you especially. From my house, my garden, and my heart, thank you.

Quince and Lace Curtains

I love¬†flowering quince. One of the earliest blooming shrubs, usually right behind forsythia, or “for Cynthia” as I used to call it, quince is one of those things you can just stick in a vase and it’s beautiful. Going through seven million photos the other day I ran across this one taken few years ago… Continue reading Quince and Lace Curtains

Sliders: The Easiest Way to Re-arrange a Room

Do you know about Sliders? Ooooh, girl you are going to love me for this one. Doing a bit of fall freshening-up are we? Moving things around some? Making room for that new end table? Just like it says on the package, Sliders, excuse me Magic Sliders, SLIDE EVERYTHING AS IF IT HAD WHEELS. It… Continue reading Sliders: The Easiest Way to Re-arrange a Room

A Pretty Fall Bouquet

It could not have been prettier in Long Island this weekend, and Saturday could not have been a more spectacular day for a wedding. It took place at a club on a grassy knoll overlooking the water. It was wow. And very happy. The ceremony was beautiful and so were the flowers at the reception.… Continue reading A Pretty Fall Bouquet

Keith Langham’s 2012 Olympic Connection

To continue our Olympic homage to Britain in a rawthuh roundabout way, we turn to renowned New York designer and friend Richard Keith Langham, whose work most certainly has a British sensibility, espousing as it does an affinity for good curtains and refined comfort. Keith is also a B.R.I.T. of another ilk: Boy Raised in… Continue reading Keith Langham’s 2012 Olympic Connection

Flew to France, Watched Dancing, Planted Roses, in That Order Backwards

Have just landed in France and driven 72 years to Dijon. Okay 3 hours to Dijon and another 3 to get to the hotel which you cannot get to because every street is one-way opposite the way you need to go and the other streets are closed for construction… So finally I am lying on… Continue reading Flew to France, Watched Dancing, Planted Roses, in That Order Backwards

Longing for the Garden at Bee Cottage

NEW YORK–Spring is sailing along. Want to go? Click here if you want to go model boat sailing in Central Park. Central Park today is bursting with blossoms and bright with the fresh green of new foliage. The cool April air and its promise of showers bring to heart the joy of flowers and the… Continue reading Longing for the Garden at Bee Cottage