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Designer Megan Yager on Chinoiserie Chic Blog

Let’s hear it for the local talent. So yesterday I get this email from my friend Mary (Dede) Wood, a talented designer here in the Santa Ynez Valley: Not bragging but my girl’s stuff is pretty darned good…XO Dede Well she is too bragging and well she should. Dede’s daughter Megan […]

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The English Cottage Charms of Podge Bune

I have been just about to bust to post my darlin’ English friend-designer-artist Podge Bune’s house in East Hampton. It is in the June issue of House Beautiful, and it’s one of my favorite houses ever. It should be noted that somewhere in there is the color of Podge’s riotous […]

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Dream Kitchen Has Great Ideas for Yours

For anyone working on a kitchen just now, House Beautiful includes a “kitchen of the month” in every issue, and they’re always full of good ideas, even for those of us working with what we have. For the April issue – off the newsstands but now online – I interviewed […]