Create Your Next Chapter

with Clarity and Purpose


So delighted to announce this retreat September 6-8 at the Omega Institute in divinely beautiful Duchess County, New York.  Life’s relentless pull and inevitable upheavals can leave us questioning if we are where in life we ought to be, whether we’re walking the path we’re meant to walk. We may feel it is time for a change, that our ways of living and being in the world  no longer fit what we are becoming or who we long to be. hat’s meant feeling fragile, uncertain, and overwhelmed.  Something needs to change, but what, how, and when? The need for these transitions and for creating next chapters is instinctive, universal, and sacred. Find your way into what is next for you by tapping into your own intuitive wisdom and source of joy (and yes, you have them both!) with Hollye Jacobs and me in the nurturing, natural environment of the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York. 

Hollye and I are honored to teach at Omega and to partner with you in learning to navigate life’s tricky and sometimes traumatic transitions with clarity and grace. Read on, or skip to details  at the Omega Institute right here. 

A former summer camp, Omega guests bunk in singly or communally – your choice – at cabins recently re-furbished and updated. It’s cozy and homey.

Go from “now what?” to “know what,” as together we talk, listen, learn, laugh, meditate and contemplate our way through teachings and guided exercises that will give you tools and insights to take home and into your hearts and lives to discover your own life’s meaning, purpose, and fulfilment. 

If you’re curious, have a look on Instagram @omegainstitute , and as you prolly already know, I’m Insta-here. And please if it calls to you, join us, and register at Omega here. or email me if you’d like to chat ear to ear

Hollye and me last year at Omega. We love it there.



  1. Frances, I attended your lecture sponsored by The Design Arts,
    in Newport Beach, CA.
    You were so well prepared with photos, personal information, and charming stories.
    Participants at your retreat will no doubt find experience meaningful. From the welcome to the final goodbye, you’ll bring your positive energy and good Southern manners to make this memorable experience.

    1. Dear Rachel, You are so kind to write and it means the world to me, thank you. It was lovely to be with you all in Newport Beach and what a beautiful group you were. Our Omega retreat of course is quite different from the talk I gave at Newport Beach, but yes you are right, I do hope I bring the same energy and light to whomever I am with, whatever the topic, be it creating beautiful living spaces and good gatherings, or spiritual and personal growth. And by the way aren’t they all related?! xo Frances

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