Finding Relief in a World of Panic

I confess to a strange sensation amid a world in the panic of epidemiological meltdown: relief, a curious lightness of spirit borne of surrender. At the end of the day we HAVE NO IDEA what’s going to happen in our lives, in our medical labs, or in our financial markets. So think about this: Having no idea is having every idea. When you have no fixed beliefs, then you are open to every every possibility. The Buddhists call it “don’t-know mind,” an elevated state of awareness.

Hit the Pause Button – via The Silver Pen

You all know how I love The Silver Pen blog and its author Hollye Jacobs.  You also know how important it is to “hit the pause button” now and then. And yet. I know, I know. But please read Hollye’s wise words on this subject. I can’t think of a better way to continue through… Continue reading Hit the Pause Button – via The Silver Pen

Loving Lotusland, a Garden (and a Gardener) Like No Other

Anybody with the stamina to marry six times is nothing if not energetic. Ganna Walksa was certainly that–and a visionary as well. Her beauty was legend, her voice sublime, her past a touch scandalous, and her portrait a gift from the czar of Russia. But her most fabulous legacy is Lotusland. Prepare to swoon.

“I Just Say Thank You”

The other night I went to a reception–a salon, really–hosted by The Silver Pen‘s Hollye Jacobs for journalist Lisa Ling, who was speaking later that evening as part of the wonderful arts and lecture series at UC Santa Barbara. Hollye, who is a friend and amazing person, held an informal discussion with Lisa, and invited… Continue reading “I Just Say Thank You”

A New Book I Love: Decades, by Cameron Silver

Any book that begins, “I started my career as an interpreter of verboten Weimar cabaret songs” gets my attention right off the bat. Seriously? Alas Cameron Silver ended his singing career to pursue a passion for vintage fashion and is the author of a magnificent new book called Decades, after the name of his famed… Continue reading A New Book I Love: Decades, by Cameron Silver

Buck House Goes Pink

A friend, reader and fellow breast cancer rodeo contestant sent me this photo and I wanted to share it with you in case you haven’t seen it, in a nod to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I’ve always heard the queen had a sense of humor. Lest there be any doubt that thing she did with… Continue reading Buck House Goes Pink

Dealing With F-Bomb Breast Cancer

First give credit to my fabulous friend Hollye Jacobs of the equally fabulous Silver Pen blog, for coining the phrase F-bomb breast cancer, which she shortens to FBC. No reason to be polite to such a rude disease. It has in the last year rudely intruded on three dear friends–under 50!–and exactly 8 years ago… Continue reading Dealing With F-Bomb Breast Cancer

Postcard From Havana-Part 3: Vicente Wolf and Hemingway’s House

One of the most memorable meals of my life was with a small group of friends years ago at the restaurant Georges, atop the Beaubourg (Centre Pompidou) in Paris. It lasted from 2 until 7 – or was it 1 until 8? – and went through I don’t know how many bottles of wine and… Continue reading Postcard From Havana-Part 3: Vicente Wolf and Hemingway’s House