The Silver Lining of Breast Cancer? One Woman’s Journey Inspires (and Informs) Us All

How happy I am to tell you about The Silver Lining by Hollye Jacobs, who has been a huge silver lining in my own life and in the lives of thousands she touches every day. I mean, wow.

If your life has ever been affected by breast cancer–and sorry to say that is waaaay too many of us, including me, which I wrote about here–this book is an invaluable, practical, beautiful, inspiring and empowering resource. “Beautiful and inspiring” aren’t words you expect to connect with books about cancer, but that’s exactly what it is, and why you want it.

Here, in her blog The Silver Pen, is Hollye’s recent post announcing The Silver Lining’s publication.

The Silver Lining, due in March 2014 from Simon & Schuster.

Many people came to know Hollye through The Silver Pen, which she began writing shortly after begin diagnosed, mainly to keep her family and friends informed. As a nurse, her clinical knowledge served her well, and on top of that, she could actually write. The blog went viral and is a blessing not only to cancer patients and their families, but to all of us.

It has since evolved into a lifestyle blog that includes cancer but covers many other topics as well, such as fashion, books, and food. It’s just beautifully done, period.

Moreover, The Silver Pen, and now The Silver Lining, remind us that we always have a choice, that we can make a difference, that we are not victims, and that we can choose light over darkness, even in our darkest hours.

What do you get when a ray of sunshine beams through a silver lining? You get Hollye, that’s what. Now to get the next best thing, you can  pre-order her book via

AmazonBarnes & Noble, or your neighborhood bookstore 🙂

It will be in your hot little hands by this spring, March 2014. Minutes from now.

Meanwhile, in addition to the beautiful Hollye’s many gifts and talents, the girl can tie a scarf. She shows you how, here.

Hollye Jacobs rocks a scarf.

Tie one on, baby.

‘Til next time.



  1. what a touching and beautiful piece!! Frances you too shine a bright light in all our lives by sharing tales from all your extraordinary friends with grace beauty and humor! thank you!

  2. Dearest Frances,
    Thank you so very much for writing this post. I feel so honored and humbled by your kind words. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    xxx h

  3. Found Hollye’s blog through your blog which I found through Nate Berkus when you were a guest on his show. THREE silver linings, Nate Berkus, you and Hollye! Pre-ordered the book from amazon yesterday and will also be giving as presents. She really is something, love that Silver Lining way of thinking.

    1. And YOU are a silver lining to Hollye and me, EB, and I daresay Nate too, but I haven’t seen him lately to confirm ;).

  4. Thank you Frances for allowing us to peek inside your private life by including the back post about your FBC which was news to me! You and Hollye are such special, inspiring, amazing women and I am honored to be your friend. Huge hugs to you both!!!! xo

    1. Oh Jennifer, thank you for writing and thank you for telling us about the CBS spot. I will see if I can find it online!

  5. I am so looking forward to buying this for a friend of mine. I think you introduced me to Holly’s blog and I enjoy it as much as yours. Glad you featured her book.-Leslie

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