A dahlia from my garden, photo by me
A dahlia from my garden, photo by me


How do you bring your light to the world?

Are you shining as brightly as you’d like?


Maybe there is something more for you. Something bigger, smaller, more challenging, less stressful, more meaningful, more integrous, more in line with your essential self. Maybe you’re feeling a disconnect between your essential self vs. your social self; your true soul voice vs. your should-ing voice; your much-ness vs. your not-enough-ness? Maybe you are stuck in a personal or career situation and don’t know what to do. Or perhaps you are seeking your capital-T Truth and could use a guide. There are many trails to your Truth and many paths to your Purpose. We can start anywhere—your job, your relationship, your living room, your pet rock. It’s all information (especially the pet rock 😉 All aspects of our lives, our psychies, and our selves, are connected, right?

As a Martha Beck-trained Wayfinder and master-coach-in-training, I am privileged to accompany you along your life’s path. As your guide I help you uncover your troubling thoughts and limiting beliefs and to find the answers already within you. And the best part is I give you the tools to discover them again and again as your life unfolds.

A word about coaching: It isn’t therapy. Coaching is present-based, forward thinking, practical, and solution oriented. Those in deep crisis or trauma should seek a qualified therapist. Therapy is to coaching as a physician is to a personal trainer. The former makes you well and whole; the latter partners with you to take you to a higher of fitness and a more fulfilling life experience.

Let’s talk. If you are ready and keen or merely curious, email me for a complimentary 30-minute phone or Zoom session to see what’s what and if we are a fit. At the very least we’ll have a nice chat and learn something. I look forward to hearing from you.

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