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You are meant to shine. Your light is your life’s purpose, your talents, your curiosities, and your calling. I love bringing light (and laughter!) to the world and helping you to bring yours.  I love leading workshops and retreats in personal, creative, and spiritual development, from walks on the Camino de Santiago, to seminars at the Omega Institute, to painting workshops in the English countryside. I love doing lots of things, to tell the truth (probably too many), but that’s me. In my long and winding career I have been and still am a writer, speaker, artist, and since 2020, a certified Wayfinder master life coach. The life coach thing was more about getting my own house in order, so to speak, but I maintain a small roster of private clients and I love it. More importantly those skills come to bear in my workshops and retreats, where it all seems to come together. 

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You are welcome to contact me  for a free coaching consult or to chat about our workshop and retreats. If you are interested in coaching, if you are lost, stuck, or merely searching for something to bring deeper meaning or true direction to your life, we can work together to find your answers  by recognizing and releasing old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. The workshops and retreats are about travel and fun with like-minded spirits, learning new skills, and gaining new insights. If that sounds good to you, we get you, and we’ve got you. Subscribe here to my highly sporadic newsletter to learn what’s on offer. Meanwhile, trust that wherever you are on your path is where you are supposed to be. You’re right on time. And guess what: Who you really want to be, is who you really are.

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MAY 14-19, 2023


Frances Schultz painting en plein air in Provence.
Me, painting en plein air. Photo Jill Steenhuis

Is there a more picturesque, paint-worthy place in the world than the English Cotswolds? Not really a fair question, but you’ll be utterly charmed and delighted with this 4-day, small group workshop taught by English watercolorist Andrew Hucklesby and accompanied by me. We’ll stay at the wonderful and luxurious  Barnsley House, worth a trip in itself, but we will also visit nearby villages and sites. Email me if you are interested in next year’s trips to the Cotswolds and elsewhere, at We are fully booked for this year, but watch this space for workshops to come, and sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know. 











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Life Coaching


Life Coaching

*Or tell me any area of your life you’d like to work on or gain insight into. Or do you just have a vague feeling that you are somehow missing your mark? That there is more meant for you? Or is there too much in your life and you’d like to simplify, clarify, and come into alignment with your essential and true self. The “living space tool” is a favorite of mine, but it is just one of many ways to gain practical yet powerful insight into what makes you who you are and how to get to who you want to be. Setting your intention is the first step. You don’t need to find the way, just a way. Read more about wayfinding and life coaching here, or Email me and/or, take me up on this… Take this 5-minute living space quiz, and I’ll do a complimentary 30-minute personal interpretation with you via phone or Zoom. It’s fun and it’s free.




Goleta Beach
The Slough at Goleta Beach

Painting is such a treat for me. I work mostly in oil and watercolor, and I do sell my work. Follow my journey Around the World in 80 Paintings , and you can see more of my work here and occasionally on my Instagram. I also host painting workshops taught by highly respected professionals.



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