Bee Cottage garden room, photo by Tria Giovan
Bee Cottage garden room, photo by Tria Giovan

Living Space Quiz

How do you bring your light to the world? Are you shining as brightly as you’d like?

It doesn’t have to be about your living space, of course, there are many trails to your capital-T Truth and many paths to your purpose. With my background in lifestyle and design, I love houses and how to make your home about who you are and who you want to be, because all facets of your life are connected. Insight into one area leads to an ah-ha moment in another. So we can start anywhere—your living room, your job, your relationship, your pet rock, it’s all information (especially the pet rock 😉 As a Martha Beck-trained Wayfinder and master-coach-in-training, I am privileged to accompany you along your life’s path. As your guide I help you uncover your troubling questions and to find the answers already within you. With a bit of coaching,  you will have the tools to discover yourself again and again as your life unfolds. Wayfinding isn’t about finding the way. It’s about finding a way.

A word about life coaching: It isn’t therapy. Coaching is present-based, practical, forward thinking, and solution oriented. Those in deep crisis or trauma should seek a qualified therapist. Therapy is to coaching as a physician is to a personal trainer. The former makes you well and whole; the latter partners with you to take you to a higher level of fitness and a more deeply satisfying life experience.

SPECIAL OFFER: Take my free, 5-minute living space quiz, and I’ll do a complimentary interpretation, a 30-minute telephone or video chat with you. It will be fun, and we will both learn.

TAKE THE QUIZ: You’ll need a timer and a computer which presumably you have if you are reading this ;). In 150 words or less, describe the least favorite place in your home. The writing doesn’t have to be pretty, just get it down. Be as descriptive as you can about the space, how it looks and feels. Copy and paste it in the form here, and send it in. Or skip the quiz and contact Frances directly: Totally fine! Email me and we will schedule a free 30-minute chat session to learn where you want to go and how we might get there together. I am delighted to hear from you.

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