Notes from the Camino 2023

The Camino challenges, surprises, amuses, annoys, and ultimately heals. The Camino give you what you need. Especially if we heed the signs along the way, literal and metaphorical, and sometimes they are both. The Camino always delivers, and faithfully it did again this past April. Hollye Jacobs and I lead two groups this year, during… Continue reading Notes from the Camino 2023

Sedona Sketchbook, Sacred Journey, Freezing My Arse Off, and Why It’s All Good

Of course the behind did not actually freeze off (alas), but it got mighty cold. And dark, a little out-there, occasionally woo-woo, at times awesome, and in the end wonderful. Warning: This is not a typical post, but as the dawn of a New Year is a quiet time after the storm of holiday mayhem, it seems a good time for musing about life and one’s place in it. Otherwise just enjoy the pictures. That is every bit as good.