Into the Woods With Designer John Oetgen

How about a cozy, contemporary cabin to snuggle into on a wintry day? Then snuggle in with this month’s issue of Veranda. “Cozy” and “contemporary” aren’t often best buds, but here is Atlanta designer John Oetgen showing us they indeed can be…

My Atlanta Townhouse, Twenty Years Ago in Veranda…

The other day I ran across photos of my old Atlanta townhouse, the first project designer and friend John Oetgen and I worked on together. It was published in Veranda, what, nearly 20 years ago. Lord. But it holds up pretty well, if I say so myself, more than I can say about certain parts of my anatomy…

Tom Britt’s Impossibly Fab Hamptons Pool House

Nobody sizzles up a summer house like designer Tom Britt, whose Water Mill “barn” and pool house grace the July/August ’13 issue of Veranda, reported by moi. Tom’s designs are, like him, often bigger than life, and I am happy to call him friend. Even though he yells at me for half the interview and we laugh the other half.

Edit Your Rooms, Calm Your Life. Really.

Anyone who’s ever even picked up a design magazine knows the edict: Edit, edit, edit. But rarely have I heard it so soulfully articulated as from lovely Houston designer Jane Moore in the September-October issue of Veranda. We both think it was the second time I’d interviewed her but we couldn’t be sure… I have… Continue reading Edit Your Rooms, Calm Your Life. Really.

The Wondrous Worldly Designs of Tom Britt – What the Magazine Won’t Show

The May/June issue of Veranda┬átrumpeting “American Classics” is especially fab and I am tickled to have written about a house in the Hamptons designed by Tom Britt and Valentino Samsonadze because, well, Tom is an old friend and a HOOT. Britt’s work is famously infused with a fascinating array of influences from all over the… Continue reading The Wondrous Worldly Designs of Tom Britt – What the Magazine Won’t Show

Veranda’s New Look

Veranda magazine’s new look is comfortingly like its old look. Gratifyingly the new table of contents for the features actually gives you an idea of what the feature contains. In the old iteration this was always a peeve of mine, and don’t think in the 10+ years I wrote for them I didn’t say so.… Continue reading Veranda’s New Look