A Spring Green Table

How pretty is this table?! So fresh and green with spring and bright with color, how could you not have a perfectly grand time sitting ’round it? Well we sure did.

A Spring Green Table
A Spring Green Table

Nearing the end of a wonderful week of skiing and visiting with friends in Aspen, His Grace and I agree that a highlight of highlights was dinner at Frances I’s, who would be the first Miz Grace and my wife-in-law. Making me Frances II. To save time we call each other F1 and F2. It’s kind of confusing, I know.

A Spring Green Table
A ring of moss anchors individual blossoms lit from within by votives. Pretty glass vases holding a few blossoms each create a garden effect. A simple idea repeated en masse is what makes it effective.

Anyway F1 does many things well, entertaining being one of them. For this lively gathering of 12 she moved a sectional sofa from the living room into the dining room, where it magically looks as if it was meant to be there. In its place is a 90-inch round table divinely swathed in St. Patrick’s Day green and planted with tulips, poppies, ranunculas, and freesia.

A Spring Green Table
Another view of the living room, with the stunning Rudolph Stingel aluminum abstract in the background.

The house is pretty darn great, too. It’s one of those houses that feels good just to be in, which is a direct reflection of the owner. Friend and designer David Easton is no slouch, either. The house was published in Veranda a while back, and I wrote about it at the time under the guise of Veranda’s New Look, here.

The super-talented Beth Gill of Aspen Branch worked her magic on the centerpiece. It is as simple as it is easily beautiful. Simple glass vases holding one or a few blossoms are grouped together with sparkling votives. The ring of moss is pretty but optional. The vases don’t have to match. Use what you’ve got–just use a lot. You know my rule: Use as much as you think you need, and then a little bit more. Abundance!

P.S. Beth’s Aspen Branch website is so inspiring if you’re looking for table ideas, and she also has a nifty blog. Check it out!



  1. Gorgeous! Also, wonderful to hear you and F1 get along so well that you can enjoy being together. That made my day!

  2. Everything is gorgeous, but that piece of art stole my heart!! I have to look up this artist now. Thanks for sharing as usual.

    Btw Frances – I’m going to Paris next month and I will get my Astier DV dish! Just one (maybe two)…lol

    Emily @ TownAndCountryShuffle.com

    1. Thank you Miss Emily! Yes Stingel is great and I am struck by how many have commented on the piece. He had a big show at the Whitney a while back – He’s a big deal. Have a fab time in Paris and please let us see your Astier treasures. I had some time this morning to catch up with your wonderful TownandCountryShuffle.com. Love the sconces, btw, and your beautiful post on the early signs of spring. Best to you, and thanks so much for writing, Frances

  3. Love Frannie’s table and will try to copy for Easter with the fam. Your descriptions are priceless.

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