Scot Meacham Wood’s Divine San Fran Abode

Been telling myself for weeks: Must tout wonders of Scot Meacham Wood‘s divine San Francisco apartment, even though it’s been out a while, as in the Dec/Jan issue of House Beautiful, written by moi. In case you missed, it is here at

Scot Meacham Wood-Living Room

Some stories write themselves, and his was one. A Ralph Lauren protege-turned-interior designer, Wood’s work bespeaks the chic-aristo-style of Ralph but also bears the indelible stamp of a Renaissance man who follows his heart. Might we all be so exuberantly all-over-the-place and so dang good at it.

Wood also plays the piano and the organ, and his first job out of school was running a chair-lift at a ski resort. Which his parents were thrilled about. I don’t know about you, but this is definitely the guy I want to sit next to at dinner. 

Scot Meacham Wood-Living Room

Look at the layering of art, architecture, fabrics and objects. His apartment is incredibly inspiring but at the same time accessible. He is not someone with an unlimited budget; he’s someone with an unlimited sense of style–and of what’s possible. I love that.

Look at all he has going on in this hall. It’s a destination in itself, and it takes you somewhere new and yet familiar. FAB.

Scot Meacham Wood-Hall

The kitchen ain’t big enough to swing a cat in, but he makes it work. The black cabinets and woodwork are chic as anything.

Scot Meacham Wood-Kitchen

The bedroom might be my favorite. That bed is very curl-up-in-able, and yet handsome and masculine. And don’t you love all the Tartan. It’s kind of his thing in case you hadn’t noticed. I’m hoping by the time this posts, he will tell us when to look for his own line of custom Tartans…

Scot Meacham Wood-Bedroom
Scot Meacham Wood-Bedroom – Horn chair with Tartan screen. Painting by Daniel Tousignant.

See more photos and my interview with Wood here at

I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, but I always fall a little bit in love with what I’m writing about, perhaps like a painter with her subject. True with Wood and also true with Texas designer Jan Showers and her fabulous clients Cecily and Robert Bradshaw. Their luminous, art-filled Toronto house done by Showers is the polar opposite of Wood’s but just as intriguing. It was in the Dec/Jan issue of Veranda, here on

I tol’ you I was bizzy… See you soon. Til then, come see me on Instagram. I am crazy about Instagram. Oh, and be careful and stay warm in this crazy weather. xox

Another PS: Am MORTIFIED that earlier version of this post contained misspelling of Scot’s name with two t’s instead of one. It is Scot, not Scott. Mortified. So sorry.


  1. Frances,
    What joy you are bringing to the cabin dwellers in Atlanta. Guess you saw us on the NATIONAL NEWS. It is hard to muster southern sprezzatura
    when the school children are overnighting in their yellow buses in the 13′. Just think what Atlanta does to kill next seasons mosquitos! The local weather news did state STAY IN,IT WILL START AT NOON TOMORROW. Weather girl (local) had the clue.
    Thanks for cozy indoor ideas…comforting

  2. Frances, love this apartment. I am crazy about the pictures in bedroom of the tiny squares of tartan. Have missed you but hoped we would have exciting reads on your return. You do not disappoint.
    XO Becky

  3. If I could find just a tiny bit of that tiger print velvet!!! I just sat and studied that article in HB; loved everything about his apartment.

  4. Frances: Beautiful, one-of-a-kind spaces—and elegant and intelligent prose to accompany such spaces. Also, appreciate seeing another less than expansive abode–gives ideas to those of us also challenged by smaller spaces. Best, Amy

  5. I devoured every word and every image and have been meaning to come by and tell you how much I enjoyed your article. It’s an amazing home full of such wonderful treasures and the black cabinets in the kitchen…wonderful!

  6. “The kitchen ain’t big enough to swing a cat in, but he makes it work.” That phrase will be in my head for years to come… it and all your upbeat/offbeat analogies. Thanks for the smiles!

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