Into the Woods With Designer John Oetgen

How about a cozy, contemporary cabin to snuggle into on a wintry day? Then snuggle in with this month’s issue of Veranda. “Cozy” and “contemporary” aren’t often best buds, but here is Atlanta designer John Oetgen showing us they indeed can be…

My Atlanta Townhouse, Twenty Years Ago in Veranda…

The other day I ran across photos of my old Atlanta townhouse, the first project designer and friend John Oetgen and I worked on together. It was published in Veranda, what, nearly 20 years ago. Lord. But it holds up pretty well, if I say so myself, more than I can say about certain parts of my anatomy…

Great-Looking Green Rooms

The April issue of House Beautiful has landed, prompting me anxiously to complete the March issue which is all about green. Gosh it is hard to keep up, isn’t it? Anyway green is my favorite color without a doubt. The color of life and the color of harmony, as all greens go together. In the… Continue reading Great-Looking Green Rooms

How Hunt Slonem Celebrates

When all else fails, looking at something beautiful can put things right again. Or if not to put right, to remind. To remind us that there is beauty in abundance in this sometimes-ugly world, and that it is often created by people who are talented, disciplined, and devoted to using and celebrating their God-given gifts.… Continue reading How Hunt Slonem Celebrates

Eden is that old-fashioned House

A poem by Emily Dickinson with a lovely thought of home found its way to me recently: Eden is that old-fashioned House We dwell in every day Without suspecting our abode Until we drive away I daresay there are many unsuspected “Edens” in our lives. Our children, the little devils. Our husbands, the rascals. Our… Continue reading Eden is that old-fashioned House