Bees and Thank You

Dear Readers,
Your response to A Book Deal for Bee Cottage has gob-smacked me, and I am so grateful to you I could bust. If you were wondering, I absolutely do read every single-dingle comment and  treasure every word. Yessiree Bob I do.  And I really appreciate your feedback on the book’s subtitle (to be continued). I’m not always able to respond individually, but trust me, hun, you are forever on my Love List. These simple bees and bouquets are for you especially. From my house, my garden, and my heart, thank you.

Flowers in the window are so lovely when they catch the light. Here a single hydrangea bloom with foliage from a climbing hydrangea (bloomless,  I might add, dadgummit).

Bee Cottage – Flowers in the bedroom window sill
Bee Cottage – Bedroom

I love to put herbs in these little bouquets–lemon balm, verbena, mint–so nice by the bed. I even use dill flowers occasionally–but not by the bed. It might make me dream I was trapped inside a crudités basket.

Bee Cottage – Flowers on dressing table

Lately I add stems of bolted arugula (grr), because the white flowers are pretty. Were pretty–they are a bit elderly now four days since their picking, but as our culture is so  focused on youth and beauty, it is incumbent on those of us in the media to do our part to curb this insidious trend. These wilted flowers have maturity and experience. They have wisdom. And yet they are bitter…

Bee Cottage – dahlias and cosmos in guest bathroom

The David Austin roses are blooming now for the second time, though they never really stopped. The cosmos definitely do not stop.

Bee Cottage – Garden

 Some of these–or similar–have been posted to Instagram, like the one below. This one  answers  the questions, “What on earth do I do with Great Grandmother Lossie’s random gold-rimmed cordial glasses?” and “How do I arrange roses with stems too short for vases?” Now you know:

Bee Cottage – Flowers in powder room

 I always loved the pair of vermeil and enamel candelabra of my mother’s. The mate disappeared who knows when–anybody out there seen it?–so I made the orphan into a lamp sort of thing. The bee motif dish was a gift from a dinner guest some years ago, but there was no card. If it was you, please let me know…

Bee Cottage – Vignette

Please forgive the sporadic posting between now and when The Bee Cottage Story is to bed at the publisher’s… You’re not rid of me, oh no, just a brief respite. I veel be back. Meanwhile, I’ll see you on Instagram.

xox Frantic


  1. I am so excited to see your new book!! My last name is Beasley, so I love bees as well. I buy anything decorated with them…they are all over my house! I’m also from Tarboro 😉

  2. Thrilled about the book….love the roses in the cordials. Have really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Bee Cottage garden on Instagram…xo Becky

  3. I love the idea of having herbs in bouquets. I’ve never done that before! Definitely will now 🙂 Good luck getting the book all squared away. I know all about that hurry up and wait game! The book is going to BEE just fabulous! xo Kristy

  4. Hi, Frances!
    Let me know when the book is coming out. Am sure we’d love to have a book signing at Erika Reade in Atlanta if you’re interested! Enjoy your blog!
    Love, Susan

    1. Oh thank you dear Susan! And of course I’d love to have a book signing at Erika Reade! We will keep in touch. so nice to hear from you. xo Frances

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