Attacked by Aliens! Srsly!

Dear Readers,

There has been a devastating attack on the hosting site for this blog and others. Countless images have been lost. Hundreds of hours of work. I want to kick and scream and cry like a big fat baby. But I won’t. Enh, it’s just a website. But it is going to take a minute to get all this sorted out. 

Photo by Nicoline Patricia Malina for Harper’s Bazaar, January 2011, via Trendhunter.

Thank you for your patience… As you may know, I am awfully busy working on the Bee Cottage book, anyway.


Just kidding.

Sort of.


UPDATE: Now we know that this site, along with boodles of others fell prey to wicked Russian hackers… but hey, it’s not everyday we’re on the cover of The New York Times...


  1. aaaarrrgghh
    so sorry for your loss, those aliens are so sneaky.
    was reading your dignified wedding post and wanted to send you the link to my “weddings i do’s and don’ts” from our “wedding issue”. think you’ll get a kick out of them.
    hope life is wonderful out in the wild west!

    1. Thank you Margot! I loved our visit and look forward to your wedding do’s and dont’s. I have the issue right here as I save them all. X! F

      1. Oh Frances! I’m so grateful I printed out a variety of your helpful posts(from that delicious cucumber soup recipe, to tying scarves for balding heads!) Yes, your informative and artistic “blogs” have certainly added to the quality of my life, especially while fighting cancer the past year. Love seeing that my cousin Margot Shaw has corresponded with you. Her magazine is great and I’m featured in several past issues with my paintings/home portraiture. Thank you so much for sharing your genius with us! Can’t wait for your new book! All best, Dottie

      2. Dearest Dottie, how good to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. HATE you have been going through the cancer thing (I been there, too) and hope you are on the upswing. Remember now that Margot is your cousin and that I have seen you in Flower!!! You are such a talent!!! Always were. Love to you, Frances

  2. I’m so happy you have you have the Bee Cottage to concentrate on. Sorry about the breech in security. I had this problem but with not such a loss.

    1. Thank you dear Karen! I will be curious to know if they are all still there. Looks like the more recent posts are most affected. We will see.

  3. Frances..maybe we can all come together and help get your images back! Those ding dang hackers! I know the Devil made them do it….Lord I cannot stand reading this…I am shedding a tear with you!! I save all your blog posts. Deep breaths…and shame on them!! xoxo

  4. Frances, luckily for all of us, there is something called the Wayback Machine (remember Rocky & Bullwinkle?) which will show you what your website looked like on any given day in the past. Here is your site in April of this year:
    The website address for the Wayback Machine is and you can simply put in the name of your site, or any other, and you will see a timeline of traffic to your site by date. Just hover over the date you are looking for, and voila you website exactly how it appeared that date! There is no disappearing for any of us anymore… Best, Lyric PS Who the heck is your hosting company? They should have some redundancy and should be able to restore your site to where it was as well.

  5. wow – your friends are amazing with their thoughts and suggestions. Now you know how vital and important your posts are to so many. Bee Cottage will survive and we are waiting for the book !

    1. Thank you, Lawrie, and yes my friends ARE amazing in good times and bad… Cue Dionne Warwick… 😉 hope you and Ed are having a great summer. Xox F

  6. Oh no, Frances. Years ago, a wise older soul commented on a lengthy tale of woe recounted by moi. She rolled her eyes and shook her perfectly coiffed, beehived (I’m not kidding) head. “Honey, it’s not tragic.”

    This always helps me keep things in perspective. However, it does not apply to anything website-related, particularly an alien attack.

    Thus, to you I say. “Quel tragique.” Also…congratulations on the book deal!

  7. That is the absolute worst! We lost our old blog (Design Chic, I mean) one time and it was total crisis mode… I’m sure you are handling it much better than I did! Hope you get it all back and in working order!

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