Bee Cottage Has a Book Deal!

Bee Cottage Has a Book Deal!

Ladies and gentlemen, we pause from our more or less regularly scheduled blog to bring you an announcement. Yours truly has signed with Skyhorse Publishing for a book about Bee Cottage. I am tickled and terrified.

Note: due to an attack on blog’s hosting site, all the images but one for this post have been lost. Bummer, and I am just letting it go… This is what Brené Brown calls “The Gifts of Imperfection.” I’m going with that 😉 Thanks for understanding.

Ladies and gentlemen, we pause from our erratically scheduled blog to announce yours truly has signed with Skyhorse Publishing for a book about Bee Cottage. I am tickled. And terrified.

Skyhorse contract

The original title was Just Bee, but they didn’t go for that. Recently my bff Alex Hitz suggested The Bee Cottage Story, which everyone liked. Part personal memoir and part decorating, with lots of photos, the book will be out in July 2015. Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise.  We are wrangling over the subtitle now. Possibles are: A.  Renovating, Decorating, Living, Learning or B.  How I Made a Muddle of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness or C.  How I Decorated My Way Back to Happiness or D. Renovating and Decorating My Way Back to Happiness What do you think? Which one makes you most want to read the book? Or maybe you have another suggestion? His Grace says it should have “sex” in the title, because sex sells. But I told him it is The Bee Cottage Story, not The Bird and the Bee Cottage Cottage Story. Men, I swear. Can you imagine I saved this comic strip all these years???

Jeff MacNelly’s Shoe

Another Shoe favorite was when Cosmo (the big fat one with glasses) was at smart-mouth, skinny Roz’s diner, which he frequented. He says to her, “I know I’ve got a book in me, Roz.” To which Roz deadpans, “And if you’re smart you’ll leave it there.” I have not left it there several times now, whether as author, co-author, ghost-writer, ghost-editor, ghost-buster (kidding), or contributor in some way. There is something satisfying about working on a book. Heaps of thanks to Skyhorse editor Julie Ganz; to Tricia and Beth Davey of Davey Literary & Media; and to John Tomko and Rain Management Group. And thank you, too, dear readers. For three years now, your support of and enthusiasm for our blog–and I do feel it is “ours”–help make this book possible, and I heart you ALL. One more thing. Before the blog or the book, there was the House Beautiful series here where it all began. Thank you Newell Turner* and House Beautiful. The response to that column both touched and encouraged me. One reader’s note has stayed with me ever since, as a kind of talisman. This reader and I have never met, but we’ve kept in touch through the blog, and I feel we are friends. On the back of her envelope, she wrote: P.S. You should write a book about Bee.

A House Beautiful reader’s letter to Frances.

 xox Frances *LINK is to fab designer and blogger Mark Sikes, interviewing Newell. 


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