Sliders: The Easiest Way to Re-arrange a Room

Do you know about Sliders? Ooooh, girl you are going to love me for this one. Doing a bit of fall freshening-up are we? Moving things around some? Making room for that new end table? Just like it says on the package, Sliders, excuse me Magic Sliders, SLIDE EVERYTHING AS IF IT HAD WHEELS. It is the truth. Sliders may be the reason I stayed single so long–they’re as good as two men. They can’t kiss, though, is what I noticed.

Study and guest room at Bee Cottage
In a multi-tasking room it helps to be able to move things around easily. Most of the time this is my writing room. Sometimes it is a napping room, and sometimes an overflow guest room.

Unobtrusive peel-and-stick or nail-on silicone discs, they adorn the legs of just about everything in my study at Bee Cottage, which was one of the world’s most difficult rooms to arrange. I mean I did some serious sliding in there.

Daybed and slipper chair legs
Slipper chair and daybed legs with sliders.
Dresser in study/guest room at Bee Cottage
On the opposite wall (see reflection in mirror), is a painted dresser. A vermeil and enamel candelabrum had lost its mate, so I made it into a little lamp. The huge gilded mirror is ridiculous in this room but the scale is fun. I like it opposite the window, reflecting the light.

The room measures about 14 x 14, with one of the corners cut off and one of the walls angled in at the roofline, oh, and a radiator. Try as I might to work it out on paper first, I couldn’t seem to get it. I just had to get in there and push the stuff around–a lot of it–daybed, dresser, wing chair, slipper chair, table/desk, and two desk chairs.

Desk at Bee Cottage
My desk at Bee Cottage.
Desk/table leg in study at Bee Cottage
Slide-and-seek. A former breakfast table is re-purposed as a desk. The tailored burlap cover not only neutralizes the color, it provides hidden storage. Like for the sewing machine I've never taken out of the box but that remains as a symbol of my eternal optimism.

You could even put small sliders on desk items like lamps or telephones that are handy to re-position on occasion. Same for counter-top kitchen appliances.

Desk at Bee Cottage
Above the desk are framed pages from one of my old sketchbooks--scribbled mementoes from from Cape Town to Capri. I found that kooky lamp at The Stalls antiques market in Atlanta a hundred years ago. I think it's Italian.

Oh and yes, Magic Sliders are SEEN ON TV. And of course there is a Magic Slider website, which is actually very good and from which you can order. There are a range of types and sizes. Even for refrigerators.

Magic Slides
Magic Sliders

In case you missed…

Magic Slides - AS SEEN ON TV
Magic Sliders - AS SEEN ON TV


  1. Although my sliders look a little different, I can attest to how handy they are! I have moved a sofa, a large console table, a 7 foot etagere, etc. all by myself thanks to my sliders. (That sounds just like a testimonial!) This single girl couldn’t live without them.

  2. Yes, I do know about sliders, and they absolutely make the impossible doable…love ’em, love ’em, love ’em! They are especially handy for ladies without an able-bodied man around to help or one that is willing. That kissing element is definitely lacking, though, as you said…need the real thing, for sure, concerning that piece!

  3. Frances – you are so funny! I loved the part about Sliders being the reason you stayed single so long! But hear from Debbie L. that you are getting married soon!
    Congratulations!!! thrilled for you! and I heard he is quite the catch!!! xo L.

  4. France’s, I, too am a mover and a shaker, but I will have to “upgrade” to your sliders. My tacky bag of “moving men” (awful looking foam and plastic discs) don’t always move things effortlessly across the floor–and then, they must be hidden away until the next time. My husband never knows what to expect when he walks through the door–remember Rob Petry on the Dick vanDyke Show…never noticed the furniture was moved (by Mary Tyler Moore)until he tripped over the ottoman! Best not to involve them in the moving of furniture…better a SURPRISE!

  5. Great idea about the sliders, Frances. Will be moving next Spring and will definitely pick some up….Many thanks for yet another great tip. You’re the best!

  6. Your office/guest room is calling my name!!! It’s so serene and inviting,now we see where all your fabulous ideas originate. I’ve just got to send baskets full of wishes to the Bride to Bee!!! (thought I had missed something so went back and re-read but you just slipped that one in!!!). Sooo, I think we should tell the Cowboy,His Grace, that he’s a lucky guy cause he’s getting QUITE THE CATCH!!

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you Elizabeth! Bride-to-Bee! I love it! What a clever girl you are! And yes, I confess I did slip it in. I am sort of embarrassed by the attention… at my advanced age… ahem. 😉

  7. Hi Frances, Thank you for the tip on the Sliders. Imagine my embarrassment when I tried to describe, to the man at Home Depot, the Dolly I wanted to purchase for my Husband. Well, thank goodness he knew exactly what I wanted, and now with the Sliders, my Guy will be the “total man”…He’s a good kisser too, (He would be perfect, if he liked to shop!) Chao

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