No Man is Crushed by Misfortune,Unless…

Why this quote spoke to me, I’m not quite sure. Maybe it’s all the political campaign talk and meanness. But wouldn’t this statement make for good dinner conversation? With your children or your friends. What does “deceived by prosperity” mean? That money equals happiness? It does not, of course, but it does calm the nerves.  And times being what they are, there are plenty of nerves to calm.

No man is crushed by misfortune, unless he has first been deceived by prosperity.

But there are also people who have and get and want and want, and it is never enough. It’s a non-partisan affliction, by the way. The ultimate deception of prosperity is the ultimate misfortune. To live with that must be to live with feeling crushed, constantly. How awful.

Conversely the ultimate fortune is understanding that prosperity in material terms is a condition and not a quality of life. It’s a question not of what but when is “enough.” And that answer has to be now, because now is all we have. Remember Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now? Can we prosper–emotionally and spiritually–with where we are now, with what we have now?

His Grace  (my Cowboy and fiance, for new readers) has a way of bringing things like this  down to earth. “I’ve got a story to go with that,” he said. Well tell, I said. “When I was 23 or 24 and just getting started in the commodities business, I made about $X on a trade.” Propriety forbids me to define “X,” but it was right much. He continued, “Three days later I lost it all. And I said to my mother, how can that be right?” She said, “Well son, did it ever occur to you that you might not ought to have made it in the first place?”


We’ll get back to decoratin’ and cookin’  and gardenin’ next time. See you then. Thanks for listenin’.



  1. Frances,

    This is a great thinking piece with just enough kick to make me stop, back up and be very grateful.
    Thanks, Sally

  2. Forgive me! I got so blindsided by your romance… Thought provoking post. I agree with all my soul. Living it is a challenge. Your beau’s Mama is one smart lady. Reminds me of when I heard Bill Cosby @ a UNC Commencement speech tawkn’ bought his Grandma. He asked her once if the glass was half full or half empty & She said “Depends on if you drinking or pouring.” Brilliant!

  3. What very happy news. Cowboy sure had good upbringing as did you. Cowboy struck gold when he found you and vice versa! Love todays lesson in life..passing along to my grandchildren.

  4. “Well son, did it ever occur to you that you might not ought to have made it in the first place?” Wise words, indeed, from his momma. Re: the fiancee news (and in the words of your cowboy), “Magnifico!” Great post, as always!

    1. Well you are all mighty sweet, thank you for your thoughts on the post and for your well wishes. I had not meant to call such attention to my affianced status but I should know by now better than to put anything past y’all. We got a senior citizens’ discount on the ring. 😉

  5. Great subject Frances . . Having been around His Grace and his Mom since I was 19 has only made my life so much richer to watch the American Dream. Evelynn was a strong woman fishing, traveling being with her family she was just about all the right stuff. When she spoke you listened. Evelynn would be looking down loving all that she could see. Happy Camper wait till you see where I live someday my glass is always half full. See you soon Love JuneBug

    1. Oh Junebug, thank you for this! I am so sorry I will never know Evelynn. She must have been something. Her son sure is. I am glad you are doing well. Saw some of your Bedford buddies recently. Everybody loves you. xo

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