A Pretty Fall Bouquet

It could not have been prettier in Long Island this weekend, and Saturday could not have been a more spectacular day for a wedding. It took place at a club on a grassy knoll overlooking the water. It was wow. And very happy.

The ceremony was beautiful and so were the flowers at the reception.

A Pretty Fall Bouquet
A pretty fall bouquet, and look at those burgundy dahlias - so luscious. It's a great combination - the burgundy, green and white. Just right for an Indian summer night.

Saw lots of old friends, including the designer Tom Samet and his partner Nathan. Tom is the one who helped me so tremendously with Bee Cottage, which I couldn’t have done without him. Nathan is the only person I know who is from North Dakota. Do you know anyone from North Dakota? It must be great there because no one leaves, which is why we don’t know them.

Tom Samet, Frances, Nathan Wold
From left, designer Tom Samet, guess who, and Nathan Wold

Governor Cuomo was there, too. I told him I thought he was doing a good job. I’m sure he was relieved. It was blustery out there on the bay. But not from politicians. I had on one of those dresses that would blow up over your head if you weren’t careful. That is not something you want to happen in front of the governor.


  1. I have been in the hunt for an Armillary for 2 years. Only an old one will do and they are sooo expensive. I will keep looking. That is the thrill of the hunt.

    1. Harriet, yes the hunt is fun. Check back to that post in a day or so. I am going to update it with the name and contact info of the fellow who made it just in case it’s something you are interested in. He makes them from old spare parts. Thanks for writing, Frances

  2. The bouquet is absolutely beautiful. I know Nathan and am also from North Dakota and his hometown. I watched him from when he was just a little boy swimming competitively until he completed high school. Hi Nathan.

    1. Hello, Jean, How nice of you to write and now I know two people from North Dakota. Well three counting Nathan’s mother, whom I don’t really know but sort of feel like I do. Best to you, Frances

  3. Frances, you looked beautiful — I’m sure that is all that mattered to the governor. Truly, you’re ageless.

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