12 Home Offices to Inspire

As we all have back to school on the brain, whether we are going or not, it is a good time to think about our home office spaces. Here is a terrific post from MyDesignChic.com, by the beautiful mother-daughter team Beth Woodson and Kristy Woodson Harvey.

This isn’t about arranging your pens and pencils but about creative ways to think outside the desk. See the original post here.

And what do you know there is my desk at Bee Cottage, which began life as my mother’s breakfast table… now covered in burlap… concealing my sewing machine and heaven knows what else. It’s the 7th one down. The caption says House Beautiful, where the photo was originally published. Thank you Beth and Kristy!

Take it away MyDesignChic…

Samantha Lyman DesignAlthough they are equated with work, (Yikes!) home offices are some of our favorite rooms in any home. Maybe it’s the fabulous desks, or being surrounded by beautiful things, but we think you’ll agree that these gorgeous offices make that make that 9 to 5 feel like less of a job.
Nickey Kehoe Design

We love a teeny, tiny desk in a nook for doing just a little work! A chaise is always great for lounging and getting great ideas.


Urban Grace via Southern Living

No office space is complete without chic storage. Pin boards complete with calendars and notes are a great way to keep the essentials in plain sight. We love the chic and green supplies from The Green Office.

Amanda Nisbet DesignStainless and glass is a go-to combination for a sleek and modern desk. An open-legged look creates an airy feeling in an office.
Fawn Galli Design via House BeautifulBut, something more closed, like this, is an ideal way to camouflage shredders and office recycling bins.

IndulgyFun and whimsical offices breed creativity and make going to work every day feel like a vacation! (Well, sort of…) At least the color of this office reminds us of lounging oceanside!
House Beautiful

Desks tucked into sloped ceilings and attic spaces are some of the coziest. The blue sheen on this wall is divine!

Traditional HomeLibrary ladders always feel a little bit mysterious to us, like when they slide away a secret passageway will be revealed. For those of us sans secret passageways, they sure do make reaching the top shelf more stylish.
pinterestA gorgeous French desk is the ultimate in office decor, in our opinion. That huge obelisk is the perfect desk accessory!
Traditional HomeThese desk lamps are so fabulous! The brass lends that authentic office feel.

This is our kind of workplace! Light, bright and so fun!

Courtney Giles Interiors

A Louis ghost chair is one of our favorite desk chair picks. It takes up little visual space and is so comfy — especially with the added cushion. We adore lacquer in an office as well! What does your dream office space look like? Thanks for taking a work break with us today!Photobucket745
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  1. Hi Frances,

    I love this post, as I’m getting ready to move to a bigger apartment and will finally have a room all to myself for a home office. Yey!

    I needed some inspiration because the only thing I know for sure is that I want a white desk..the rest I don’t know yet! Thanks for sharing!

    warm regards,
    Emily @ Town And Country Shuffle

  2. What a nice surprise to see our post here, and we are thrilled to learn that is your desk. We have changed our post to reflect your site, and thank you for the beautiful office inspiration!

  3. I love this blog too. What a great use of your Mothers old breakfast table—with a sewing machine hidden under the skirt. I can not wait to have a space of my very own.
    xo, Lissy

  4. Frances, I have an overwhelming feeling that before my office achieves efficiency much less “chic” I need to order a skip loader. So be it – I can’t wait to begin! After Labor Day!

  5. I am truly inspired and will tackle my space when I return from France. Thank you dear Frances, you always seem to know just what I like.

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