Pansy P. Petunia

Pansy P. Petunia

I’m Pansy P. Petunia
and I never take a shower.
There isn’t any need because
I smell just like a flower.

by Kenn Nesbitt, via Kenn Nesbitt’s

Petunias at Bee Cottage
Petunias at Bee Cottage

Some days I feel so mature.

You should know, too, that Pansy P. Petunia goes on for three more verses with references to armpits and flatulence and whatnot, right up the alley of any 5-year-old and therefore on most days right up mine.

On a serious note, it is healthy for children to follow Pansy’s example in building their defenses against bathing, such a rude assault on their delicate little senses.

Here’s to being a subversive grown-up. Happy Friday.


  1. Oh, I am sitting here laughing and remembering my goddaughter as a little one (she’s all grown-up now) running through the house buck-naked screaming like a heathen because it was time for her bedtime bath. Yelling “Noooooo, I don’t smeeeelllllll! Yaaaaahhhhh!” I do miss those days, she was such a joy, screaming and all. She still speaks her mind, thankfully wearing clothes now and not screaming! Yaaaaaaahhhh!

  2. Thanks for that funny ditty. We had a fire at the house on St Andrew and somehow that poem was the right thing to read at the moment. We are emptying the contents of the house after 56 years of hard core livin’. Anywho looking forward to summer of 2013 at this point. Keep on blogging for my escapism.

    1. Oh Shari my goodness a fire. My heart goes out to to you and all the stuff you are having to deal with now – physically and mentally – it is very tough. Blessings to you and keep me posted on your progress. Love, Frances

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