The Soulful, Delightful Art of Children’s Book Illustrator Benny Andrews

In the spirit of Black History Month, here is a stupendous book celebrating an African American artist with the bonus of being illustrated by the artist himself. How did I not know about Benny Andrews? His art is like, Modigliani meets Grandma Moses meets Maira Kalman.

Sedona Sketchbook, Sacred Journey, Freezing My Arse Off, and Why It’s All Good

Of course the behind did not actually freeze off (alas), but it got mighty cold. And dark, a little out-there, occasionally woo-woo, at times awesome, and in the end wonderful. Warning: This is not a typical post, but as the dawn of a New Year is a quiet time after the storm of holiday mayhem, it seems a good time for musing about life and one’s place in it. Otherwise just enjoy the pictures. That is every bit as good.

Thanksgiving Decorating at Rancho La Zaca, and a Printable Place Card

Is Thanksgiving your favorite? Mine too. What is that about? Is it what Christmas used to be about? You know, family, friends, congenial gatherings, gratitude? Just a thought. It’s also one of my favorite times at our home, Rancho La Zaca. Here are a few highlights from last year and perhaps some inspiration for you this year.

Printable Thanksgiving Place Card or Menu

Here you go, a a shotgun-toting turkey as printable place card or menu hand painted by moi. Drag the image to your photos, and print on watercolor-textured (or other) paper. It will look like you did it yourself. Wink-wink! This one is probably best as a 4×8 or 5×7. Here is the full version, printable… Continue reading Printable Thanksgiving Place Card or Menu

Postcard From Bhutan No. 1

Turns out there is much to love about a country that measures its Gross National Happiness.  The Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, land of the thunder dragon, is between Tibetan China and India, in the Himalayas east of Nepal. It is the size of Switzerland and mostly mountains and woods, hence its legendary natural beauty.   On an Indagare Insider… Continue reading Postcard From Bhutan No. 1

Tea Towels Make Great Gifts (We Love These Lily O’s)

As we are still in high season for hostess gifts, it is especially thoughtful to give things people actually want. A fresh, pretty tea towel gives any kitchen or bar a lift, and life’s little lifts add up. These “Lily Os” were sent me by a friend and I love ’em. Bright and cheery and based on the charming watercolors of artist Thomas Vieth, who, with wife Susan, founded the company.

Postcard From Italy No. 2–High Speed Chase Through Vasari Corridor

In our last episode, the hero was foiled by his devout but conniving wife in his valiant attempt to visit Italy without darkening the door of a single church. T’was a bittersweet tale of betrayal and deceit, with beautiful scenery and a great lunch. This week, we find our hero in the footsteps of the dukes of Florence, in a high speed chase across the forbidden Vasari Corridor. Can he break the Corridor world speed record? Tune in here…