If You See Something Good, Say Something Good

We are quick to complain but not so quick to compliment. What’s up with that?  I recently ran across a note I’d scratched to myself to compliment flight attendant “Melba,”   on one of the ten million plane flights I took last year. She went out of her way to be lovely and did I don’t remember what exactly (because I can’t remember what I had for breakfast*). Anyway I found the note, I had Melba’s employee number, and I emailed Delta Airlines a few days ago.

This note came today and made my day. Simple effort, big payoff, good lesson.

Melba honey, if you see this, thank you again. And thank you, Delta.

Happy Friday, and if you see something good, say something good.

*Okay sometimes I remember. Like this morning I had a bagel. But that was only an hour ago, so I don’t know if it counts as “remembering.” It might just count as “digestion.”


  1. Leaves do not fall far from the tree..it is in your genes dear Frances. We need an abundance of good manners ! Proud of you. Happy it was you who crossed paths with Melba of Delta.
    xo, Lynn

  2. Good for you. I wrote a note to Delta with not even a complaint but a suggestion. Within a couple of days I was thanked for the comments and was given extra miles. And, I am not a medallion of any sort. Good customer service needs to be rewarded more often.

  3. Very nice! Sometimes one good deed, or the kind appreciation of good service, changes everything! We never know the final result of thoughtful actions – they reverberate forever.

  4. Paying it forward, it’s a good thing! Love how Jerry Posner puts it, “… thoughtful actions – they reverberate forever.” As for the remembering factor, today when calling in my breakfast order I completely blanked on the name of the firm I work for, how do you like them apples? Thankfully I had a letter open on my screen, yay letterhead! Thank the Heavens it is a long weekend!

  5. Bravo to you. Sometimes I think about doing somethiing as thoughtful as what you did, but I get side tracked and busy.Thoughtfulness goes a long way. Your mother would be proud.

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