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A Glorious Way to Spend the Day
A Glorious Way to Spend the Day

Like a beautiful, sunny melody, I can’t get this image out of my head. It could be the South of France or the North of Italy, but in fact it is the Southern California home of Brooke and Steve Giannetti. Sumptuously featured in the current issue of Veranda, the article was written by moi. What a privilege, and what a bounty of inspiration and ideas.

In the garden at Patin Farm. Photo by Lisa Romerein.

The gorgeous Veranda photos, btw, are by the talented Lisa Romerein.

You may know Brooke through her super fantastic Velvet and Linen blog. If not, go there right now and spend a few minutes of your day on Patina Farm. You will love it, I promise– one great, beautiful idea after another. 

In fact, we are headed there ourselves today, His Grace and I, meeting up with friends who also happen to be bloggers. It’s funny how you end up with people. Not only do we get to see Brooke and Steve, but Slim Paley and The Silver Pen are coming. Seriously, three of my favorite bloggers in the whole, wide, world.  Not to mention their cute husbands. What a treat. #grateful.

Am I the only person who has started to think in hashtags. #what’supwiththat?

I’ll report back first thing. Which might be a few days. Happy Sunday, Martin Luther King Day, Tuesday, Wednesday… ‘Til then…

xo Frances


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