The Bee Cottage Story Is Ready for Pre-Order!

Looka here:

The Bee Cottage Story on Amazon

 Very exciting. This is not quite the final cover, but close. The revised subtitle is “How I Made a Muddle of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness,” is kinda long, I know. But when I put it to a vote with you, dear readers, it was the one you liked best, and I agreed. The publisher took a bit of convincing, but did come around, bless their hearts.

Speaking of, it is on Skyhorse Publishing’s website here. I love the name Skyhorse, don’t you? Idealistic, yet strong.

Screen Shot of The Bee Cottage Story on Skyhorse Publishing

And here again on Amazon. And look who is there above me, in the middle, Ms. Charlotte Moss, that’s who. You may as well order hers at the same time 😉 It is Garden Inspirations, and I cannot wait to see it. It has been fun hearing her talk about it over the last year or so. She is something, that Charlotte.

The Bee Cottage Story available for pre-order on

The cover will also say “Principal Photography by Trevor Tondro,” which I am very proud of. Trevor shot the original House Beautiful series on which the book is based, and he is just as nice as he is talented, which is saying a lot. 

The book itself is not to bed just yet.  I am still slogging away with page proofs and and enough sticky notes to cover Kim Kardashian’s bottom, which, again, is saying a lot.

The Bee Cottage Story page proofs. Design and layout by Janice Shay, Pinafore Press.

All of which is a long way of saying I am looking forward to getting back to slightly more regular, if regularly sporadic, blog posts… I miss y’all.

xo Frances


  1. Yaaaaayyyyyy! I just ordered Patina Style and pre-ordered the Rose Water and Orange Blossoms cook book and thought, hmmm, I wonder how the Bee book is coming along and boom! There was your post! Pre-ordered and looking forward to it. Congrats and Happy Weekend!

  2. Oh, Oh, Oh
    Chased away all winter blues! Cannot wait to have my hands on it! Am reading the latest Sissinghurst which is more detailed on plant names than any of the many past reads, but I have found all fascinating. Your story is more romantic as that to me has been a thread of wonder on the paths of Vita and Harold creating the most beautiful garden in all of England.
    Long story long am clicking with Amazon and wish a Frances autograph to place in book.
    much love and luck for big interest for your Bee Cottage work,

  3. Wow! I can’t beelieve it is finally coming. What an accomplishment! It looks divine. I love “pinafore” design. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see and read more of your story.

  4. Boom! Pre-odered a few in case it sells out before it goes to print! So proud of you! And it seems everyone loves the cover and the title!!

  5. This is really good news. Congratulations, I am ordering today. Are you planning any book signings in San Diego?

    book signings

  6. Hooray, hooray! Breaking out the bubbly for you. I know it will be fabulous and will certainly pre-order. Congrats on quite an accomplishment. Can’t wait to have Bee Cottage on my coffee table! xo Kristy (and Beth too… she’ll have one on her coffee table as well, of course!)

    1. Thank you, Blair, and yes! But the one on temporary cover will not be the one on the real one. My favorite ended up being the one I did in 10 minutes as a doodle. That is always the way, no? xo F

  7. How exciting for you. I’ll pre-order now. I’m sure it will be wonderful, can’t wait for my copy. I’m interested in one of your friends, Blair Peters. In 1990s, I went to the Vermont Studio school to paint for a week and spent time with a young lady named Blair Peters. Hum
    XO, Linda

  8. Thank you for your lovely observations. Isn’t the vernal equinox on the 21st? I always think of spring as March daffodils (yellow), April bluebells (purple) and May trees in leaf (lime green). I live in southern England so I guess it’s different. I used to live in chapel hill and the springs there were absolutely sublimely beautiful – wiping away a coating of green pollen from a wind shield in April was as if the Angels had called. Xxx

    1. And thank you, Mark, for your lovely comment — all the way from the mother country. Like you, I thought the vernal equinox began on 21st, but all the sources I consulted this year say 20th at 22:45 your time, GMT (or UTC as they call it now), so it is almost the 21st… You sound like a gardener? And a Tar Heel for a while! I love that you used to live in Chapel Hill!

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