The World Is a Great Mirror

The world is a mirror. I always say that whenever something in life goes off the rails, first thing to do is look in the mirror. I say that. Sometimes it takes a while to get to it… but the answer is always there.

The world is a mirror… Thomas Dreier

This Thomas Dreier quote was among the “150 Love Notes” I found the other day at stylish Wendy Foster in Los Olivos (CA). All 150 are  different and with charming, vintage-y illustrations and borders. A picture of an old-timey sewing machine as the caption “You are sew perfect.” A pink sheep says “Love you baaaad.”

150 Love Notes – Sugarboo Designs

Their maker is Sugarboo Designs, based in Roswell, Georgia, and they make all sorts of lovely handcrafted slightly rustic-chic-granny sorts of things for the home. Great gifts, too.

Sugarboo Designs

Anyway we were having houseguests for the weekend, His Grace’s old Army buddies and their wives, and I thought these notes would be fun to incorporate into the place cards at dinner the first night. For each guest I put a note in an envelope with his or her name on the envelope. After the first course, we went around the table and read them in turn. Some were serious, and some were funny. I randomly chose them, but it was interesting to see how each somehow suited its recipient.

Sunflower tablesetting Rancho La Zaca

Our sunflowers are blooming and we are all about sunflowers at the moment. Here’s another table, similar.

Sunflower table setting Rancho La Zaca

And one more…

Sunflowers on the table at Rancho La Zaca

Now I’ll leave you to look in the mirror. You look great, by the way. Don’t let anybody tell you different. And remember, joy is the best make-up. Anne Lamott said that. Love her.

I’m traveling for a few weeks … but I’ll see you on Instagram in the meantime.

More sunflowers, these painted from a photo a friend sent from North Carolina:

Sunflowers at the Mayo Farm, near Tarboro, North Carolina. Oil on canvas by Frances Schultz


  1. How beautiful, Frances! Such a multi-talented woman!! I just love that quote. And I truly believe it. And those notes are just precious. I’m trying to take the time to do little nice things for people. Those notes would be so great for that! xo Kristy

  2. Always a pleasure to receive a post from you. You always make me appreciate the little things like enjoying the beauty of sunflowers. I’m looking forward to your book.

  3. I love little notes and quotes! My daughter is forever painting them on old windows and canvases and giving to friends. I like how you used them for your beautifully decorated dinner. (-: Your painting is lovely- You ARE multi-talented. Safe journeys. XO-Leslie B.

  4. Frances! Your timing is uncanny! I just finished looking in a mirror ( in shock) in the airplane bathroom after a 16 hour flight in economy to Hong Kong! Did I age that much or can I blame it on the Cathay Pacific lighting! Now sitting in a lounge at 5am your post has certainly cheered me up! And your sunflower painting – LOVE!! And your tables divine.. Love getting a peak at your beautiful life!!
    I am off to Bali next flight to work on my new beach wear collection!! Excited and a bit nervous … The creative process as you know is always scary – keeps me feeling alive!!
    Thank you for your creativity !! Your post keep me going!! Safe travels can’t wait to hear of your next adventures!! Much love

    1. Dearest Laurette, bless your sweet jet-lagged heart, thank you. It is definitely the airplane lighting – nothing is worse. Can’t wait to see your next collection of beach wear! Love, love, Frances

  5. Leslie, Linda, Mary Wayne, Alison, thank you all for your kind remarks about my painting. Goodness gracious it was just a toss-in at the end, and you have flattered me to pieces. Or petals, maybe. 😉 Thank you so much.

  6. Sunflowers are such happy flowers, aren’t they? They’re so sunny and smiley. By the way, the sunflower painting would make a darn nifty card, perfect for dashing off a quick note to friends … just sayin’! Love, love, love Anne Lamott, her “Help, Thanks, Wow” is a permanent fixture on my night-table. Happy travels, Ms. Frances and keep the wonderful posts and photos coming!

    1. Yes they are, EB, and not surprised you share my love for Anne Lamott. “Help, Thanks, Wow” stays by my reading chair as well. Thanks as always, love, Frances

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