Tea Towels Make Great Gifts (We Love These Lily O’s)

As we are still in high season for hostess gifts, it is especially thoughtful to give things people actually want. A fresh, pretty tea towel gives any kitchen or bar a lift, and life’s little lifts add up. These “Lily Os” were sent me by a friend and I love ’em. Bright and cheery and based on the charming watercolors of artist Thomas Vieth, who, with wife Susan, founded the company.

Postcard From Provence No. 1 – Bonjour!

Bonjour from Aix-en-Provence, also known as Aix-and-Pains, though I don’t know why – maybe because it is hard to find a parking place. But that could be many places, non? I did once park here years ago only to return to the car to find it imprisoned by these scary iron posts that come up… Continue reading Postcard From Provence No. 1 – Bonjour!