A Tale of Two Birthdays–Indoor and Outdoor Entertaining

Here are two dinner parties I hope you enjoy and are inspired by. One is outdoors in the olive grove at Rancho La Zaca, our home in California. The other is in the beautiful Manhattan apartment of my friend Carolyne Roehm.

Wine, Women, and Watercolors – Painting in Italy – Part 1

Ciao Bella! If you follow my friend la Principessa Carolyne Roehm , you may know that we and a gaggle of gals have spent the last week in Porto Ercole watercoloring… Between the eating, drinking, and cackling, we did manage a watercolor or two, and it was molto fun-o… Who says I can’t speak Italian.

Wedding Highlights From Carolyne Roehm

Carolyne Roehm sends her thoughts and prayers, as do I, to all who continue to struggle in the wake of the horrid storm… As an antidote to the destruction, Carolyne posted “Something Positive After the Hurricane,” which was about guess what. Our wedding. Aww. Here’s an abbreviated preview below, and you can see more photos… Continue reading Wedding Highlights From Carolyne Roehm

Postcard From Burgundy – Part 2

This scene sums it up: the vineyard, the softly undulating landscape, the church steeple marking the center of a beautiful village, and the backside of a biker. Bikers were always ahead of me because, a) I am slow, and b) I stop to take pictures, which makes me, c) even slower. The good news is… Continue reading Postcard From Burgundy – Part 2

Now THIS is a tag sale… Nina Griscom’s gowns? Carolyne Roehm’s cast-offs?

Count me in. My only regret in attending the tag sale of the century–Elizabeth Taylor’s jewels and Albert Hadley’s One King’s Lane loot notwithstanding–is that most of the clothes will be of a size that would barely fit around my leg, let alone the rest of me. But hey, pocketbooks, scarves and shoes don’t care… Continue reading Now THIS is a tag sale… Nina Griscom’s gowns? Carolyne Roehm’s cast-offs?

Pretty Is as Pretty Does

You must be thinking about doing up your holiday table, if you haven’t already, and I just came across the prettiest, simplest centerpiece and table decorations by Carolyne Roehm in the November/December issue of Veranda. Of course everything Carolyne touches is pretty. Carolyne is pretty. And smart and funny and interesting and warm and genuine… Continue reading Pretty Is as Pretty Does