Pretty Is as Pretty Does

You must be thinking about doing up your holiday table, if you haven’t already, and I just came across the prettiest, simplest centerpiece and table decorations by Carolyne Roehm in the November/December issue of Veranda.

Carolyne Roehm's holiday table.
Carolyne Roehm's holiday table.

Of course everything Carolyne touches is pretty. Carolyne is pretty. And smart and funny and interesting and warm and genuine and fun. I am lucky that we have become friends in the last few years. She is such an inspiration for, like, a million reasons. But let me get back to this centerpiece.

It is true that Carolyne has a beyond enviable inventory of beautiful things–china, silver, porcelain, crystal, linens. I mean she could open her closet with her eyes closed and grab an armful of things and they would be stunning. Whereas I would have a chipped vase, a dented candlestick, and a rain boot.

But we all have the grocery store, and that’s about all you need to re-create this beautiful look: apples, grapes, and clementines. They’d be just as beautiful in a tureen, a basket, or a simple platter. The red candles are festive and sexy at the same time. And anyone can wrap a little present and put a votive candle on it. Red napkins? Easy enough on the Internet. Do you have a fabric store near you? Hunt down a beautiful paisley challis or damask for the table. You don’t even have to sew it. Just drape it over and call it a day–once it is all set no one will notice. Or maybe you have a beautiful old quilt you could use as a tablecloth or a shawl as a runner.

See how easy that was?


  1. LOVE these suggestions…especially when one lives in the country and has limited quick/easy access to wonderful stores for holiday decorating.

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