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Nina Griscom Handbags in Atlanta This Week

From the Department of Shameless Crony Capitalism, a quick heads-up on my friend Nina Griscom’s fabulous handbag line that debuted last fall. Happy to say they are selling like handbags (!) and the new spring line is gorge. This Thursday and Friday, April 24-25, she’ll be in Atlanta. Please click […]

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‘Tis the Season… for Skulls

Leave it to Nina Griscom to get her glam-spooky-chic on at Halloween. I snapped this while visiting her last weekend in postcard-pretty Dutchess County. I asked if it was one of her relatives. Or an actor who did one too many Phantom of the Opera performances.

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Nina Griscom’s Chic Manhattan Townhouse

Note: When I first posted this with photos I received a stern email from Conde Nast requesting removal of all photos, the head of my first born child, etc etc. I thought it was weird since I had carefully credited all photos, and, uh, photos from magazines are all over […]


Weekend in the Country

MILLBROOK, NY-Wow, talk about timing. It’s a good thing our 2nd Annual Duck Shoot and Lunch was last weekend and not this slushy old messy one. And what a beautiful weekend it was. Spending time with friends; stomping around the countryside in all its autumn glory; shooting some ducks (which […]