‘Tis the Season… for Skulls

Leave it to Nina Griscom to get her glam-spooky-chic on at Halloween. I snapped this while visiting her last weekend in postcard-pretty Dutchess County. I asked if it was one of her relatives. Or an actor who did one too many Phantom of the Opera performances.

She said no.

Nina Griscom's Skull with Rhinestone Mask

But I had you going for a minute there didn’t I.

Actually the skull is slightly larger than a golf ball. It rests on a cutaway of the roof of an architectural model of a barn. In the background is a painting of an olive tree trunk by her friend (and mind) Nabil Nahas. The girl know how to put things together. Have you seen those new pocketbooks she’s making?

Maybe Nina will tell us the story of this skull. Like did she have the rhinestone mask made for it? Does it wear an eye mask when it goes to sleep? Does it wear sunglasses? Inquiring skulls want to know.

Meanwhile, what inspires me here is the unexpected juxtaposition of objects. Thinking outside the skull if you will. As we head into cliché-ridden holiday decorating, it’s nice to be reminded we don’t have to do the same ol’ same ‘ol.

Boo something different.

PS – I haven’t forgotten about the wedding pics.They’re coming up soon. Didn’t want to overload you. Or me. It’s a busy time of year, what?


  1. As usual so clever and so funny! Loved – I am one that does not like traditional Halloween decorations at all.. So what a delight to see something that’s a little bit spooky but not tacky!
    I am one of your fans eagerly waiting on the wedding photos! But actually it is hard to imagine what could ever top the rehearsal dinner – the 72 thousand yards barn!! The flowers and that dance floor!! STUNNING – and all your gorgeous friends!!

  2. I laughed out loud! (I don’t do LOL!!!)

    It sure is true…..we don’t have to do the same thing! I adore creative decorating for holidays!

    Taxing the brain is good for the brain!!

    Wish me luck!!

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