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Carolyne Roehm sends her thoughts and prayers, as do I, to all who continue to struggle in the wake of the horrid storm… As an antidote to the destruction, Carolyne posted “Something Positive After the Hurricane,” which was about guess what. Our wedding. Aww. Here’s an abbreviated preview below, and you can see more photos and read Carolyne’s full post hereTreat yourself to time on her beautiful (as if it could be anything else) website


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My good thoughts go out to all of the families that suffered losses during Hurricane Sandy …

We in northwestern Connecticut were fortunate…  As we go about the repairs and cleanup, I thought it might be a small distraction to share a lovely moment… not to minimize what has happened but to look at a moment shared by a couple in love.

Just before this awful storm I attended a wedding  in California of two terrific people …

Friday night…  Frances worked with the talented Mindy Rice and Lisa Vorce of Santa Barbara to transform their barn into a version of El Morocco, the legendary Manhattan nightclub… Most special to me was the abundance of garden roses, including one of my all-time favorites: Yves Piaget, whose fragrance and form are unforgettable.

In addition to the beauty of the “nightclub,”  music set the mood. The Michael Carney Orchestra play Frank Sinatra tunes, and  I floated down memory lane …

Friday night guests: Handsome John Loeffler, the beautiful and very talented comic Debbie Loeffler, and my beau — darling Simon.

The heyday of El Morocco was the 40′s , 50′s and 60′s.  It still existed when I first came to New York,  and I was thrilled to experience some of last moments of the club’s legendary glamor…  but back to the wedding! … held in a lovely olive grove at the ranch.  

Frances and the ol’ sweetie Tom at the ceremony.

Mindy’s lovely altar arrangement

The Jersey Boys of California certainly got yours truly up and dancing.  I love their music!  Dating myself? Let’s agree that it’s timeless!

CR having a twirl with the bride!

Thank you, Frances and Tom, for sharing such a happy moment with your friends!  It will make for beautiful memories for all of us.

And thank you, sweet Carolyne… For more photos and Carolyne’s full post, go to

Also be on the lookout for Carolyne’s new book:

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  1. Carolyne Roehm has always been the consummate class act, so it is only fitting that She should choose your nuptials as a “silver lining” ( to quote Holly Jacobs) to an extraordinarily hard week for so many. Praying for a quick recovery for all!

  2. Ooooooh,aaaaaahhhh! Thanks for sharing more of the lovely wedding and festivities–I especially love the lush, but natural altar flowers. P.S. I am a huge fan of C.R.—have ALL of her books—slightly in awe….

  3. Agree 100% with Leslie’s comment. Beautiful photos. Those roses, heavenly, everything so beautiful. What I love most about the photos is the sheer joy that comes through them. After seeing so much destruction this week, this post was much needed. An absolutely “Magnifico!” Silver Lining. Thank you!

  4. Yes it does look lovely – nice that you have that kind of money to splurge while the rest of us are trying to survive!

    1. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity, and especially to you Meerah, for the reminder that there is disparity among us to which we should always be compassionate and, as we are able, responsive.

  5. Wow Frannie you haven’t aged one iota in 25 years. In fact you look younger than when I last saw you! You must be doing something(s) right! xoxo

  6. Frances,
    Such a sweet photograph of you and Tom…sheer happiness! “Oh What a Night”! Flowers lovely and dress is so perfect.
    Today is bringing Carolyne Roehm’s FLOWERS..The cover tulip name I am sure to find out…A Passion For Flowers has been a continuing help in my business of events and weddings for clients to see and decide on favorite flowers, color and look. The very young bride has so often not had interest in horticulture. Her color reproduction is so great. Can’t wait…watching for Fed Ex now!
    xo, Lynn

  7. Ooh la la! What a glorious wedding weekend, befitting a beautiful and elegant bride and groom. Please post more photos…we all want to share in your joy! Love you and xxx Susie Q.

  8. Congratulations to the happy couple! The setting was gorgeous and befitting of such joy – coming at a time when it’s reassuring that beauty can believed as possible again after nature’s havoc. Fantastical, dreamy and elegant… the pictures emanated “you”!

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