Love From, and for, The Classic Preppy.Com

This just in from the blow-my-own-horn department… The Classic has upped and written the nicest things about me and

I thought I’d better tell you fast in case she changes her mind.

Or discovers a case of mistaken identity.

So–quick!–here’s the link to  The Classic— about moi. Aww.

Liz Foreman is the adorable, indefatigable, intelligent, insightful creator of  the terrific Classic Preppy, which you will love if you don’t already. Her tagline is “Living a modern life of ease and elegance…infused with tradition and fun!” This is our kinda gal. Here’s a screen shot of her clean, classic (yes) blog.

Screen Shot  from The Classic
Screen Shot from The Classic Hmm, she looks familiar.

In her post “Thursday Thoughts: Make it Fun“, Liz says I make things fun, which is about the biggest compliment  there is.

Little did she know that my earlier “Thursday Thought” was to plop in middle of the floor and cry like a big fat baby. (Moving does that to a person.) But then the image of that made me laugh. (When you can’t be fun, be funny.)

And then her ridiculously nice post had me doing a cartwheel. Wasn’t pretty, but it was happy. Except I think I strained something.

Do visit Liz. On “Wonderful Wednesday” she wrote about Bunny Williams, and on “Terrific Tuesday” about Pine Cone Hill’s Annie Selke.

I couldn’t be in finer company, nor could you. Thank you again dear Liz.


  1. My pleasure! Love, love, LOVE your blog, Frances….your whole website is terrific!!

    Next week I will be writing about my attempts at gardening….some definite epic fails there… when I am involved personally, that is. My landscape guy just asks me to go back inside. LOL

    Spending time with your Bee Cottage pictures has really motivated me to try again! Maybe if the landscape pro comes in one gate, I can come in the other, and he won’t see me!!


    1. Thank you for that Lee, I’m going to remember it! And thanks for reminding me I want to see the play about Gov. Richards at Lincoln Center, which I hear is great. I actually met her a couple of times. She was great. Blessings to you. Frances

  2. I think you(the Classic Preppy of 1978!)should ease those swollen ankles by cruisin on down the road to the steps within that “Grove of Stately Oak Trees!” Have thoroughly enjoyed your blog:was hoping to tell you in person! (p.s. I was featured in “Flower” a couple of years ago)That other “FUN” Editor being my B’ham cuz! Congratulations fellow cartwheeler! All best, Dottie in Dallas!

    1. OH DOTTIE – this is so sweet, and I hate missing the St Mary’s reunion this year. Next one for sure. I remember your being featured in Flower and subscribed straightaway. That is when we renewed our correspondence, isn’t it? Had forgotten she was your cousin. She is fab, like you. Now about that cartwheel…

    1. Hi Meerah and thanks for writing. No plans for an appearance then as yet. I’m a bit off the speaking circuit at the moment while I focus on my writing. But I”ll be back before too long and I’ll let y’all know!

  3. We all know you’re adorable, charming, funny, elegant , stylish, and YES……..FUN!! Congratulations Miss Frances!

  4. completely well-deserved!!

    I feel like I know you; even though I don’t! (maybe we met somewhere; you look so familiar!! (I have a photographic memory; unfortunately, the label part doesn’t work!!)

    Love your blog!


    ps moving is HELL.

    1. Oh thank you Penelope! (And I hear you about “the label part!”) I’ve just been to your beautiful website and seen your beautiful work. Our paths may well have crossed as I divide my time between NY, East Hampton and the Santa Ynez Valley. Santa Barbara and Montecito are frequent stops of course! Let’s keep an eye out for each other! Cheers, Frances

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