You Gotta Love The New York Post

Early this morning tenants of a posh Fifth Avenue building complained of a loud snorting noise emitting from the 21st floor, fearful that possibly a large farm animal had got loose, or worse, been injured in what would be a bizarre circumstance even by New York standards.  But no… It was just me laughing, I explained to the concierge when he rang up. Have you seen today’s Post?

NY Post Headline - Tiger Woods Puts Balls in Wrong Place Again
NY Post Headline - Tiger Woods Puts Balls in Wrong Place Again

In yesterday’s Masters, Tiger Woods hit an almost perfect. So perfect that it hit the flag stick and rolled back into a nearby creek. When that happens the rules say you drop another ball in the same place from which you hit before, and hit again. Tiger instead dropped his ball about two yards away from his original divot, a violation that penalized him two strokes but did not disqualify him. If you want to read more, the Post story is here.

There hasn’t been this much controversy in sports since, as emergency substitute ref, I missed an apparently glaring out-of-bounds call in my niece Isabel’s (then age 6) Top Hat soccer game.

The final round of Golf’s Holy Grail in Augusta is today, and even if you aren’t a golfer, it’s interesting to watch for a bit and then take a nap to. From 2 to 7 today on CBS.



  1. OMG – I can’t stop laughing. Thanks for sharing Frances…and congrats on your recent move! Please share the decorating process if you can.

    Emily @

  2. Snork-o, snork-o, snork-o! That’s “snort” in Spanish, from this hybrid American-Southern/Cuban-
    American in So. Fla.! Magnifico!

  3. You gotta love the Post! There is nothing like it anywhere else…. I’m just glad I hadn’t taken a sip of my iced tea when I read this, or my keyboard would be history!!

  4. Oh Frances, I am pulling so hard for Brandt! I don’t think we would ever see such headlines about him! He is such a fine young man. He came to dinner at our house in Pinehurst with John Pitt ( another very fine young man) , son of Tarboro’s Bill Pitt. I am guessing you’ve heard the story about the original Masters’ ” streaker”, Tarboro’s own Bubba Fountain. It made the cover of “Time”. Amazing how many roads lead back to Tarboro , isn’t it?
    ( Not sure what you can print, I’ve misplaced your email address. ) Hope your move went well and that you are having fun decorating!

    1. Hey Cathy! I will print it all! And yes it is amazing how many roads lead to Tarboro – and lord I had ’bout forgotten Bubba Fountain streaking at the Masters. I would have put that in the lead of the post had I remembered. Thanks for the reminder! xo Frances

  5. Just finished watching the amazing Masters and then opened my inbox to your blog post…just couldn’t have been more perfect timing – too funny!! Have just loved reading all about your move and can’t wait to see your new place!!!

  6. I join you in snorting. All I can say is how could you possibly offend anyone when Tiger has the “balls” to not only “misplace” his once, but TWICE! ( Poor Elin!) My husband, for whom golf is not simply a sport, but is a religion ( he attends 18 holes instead of church every Sunday, much to my dismay), was outraged at Tiger and Augusta’s flagrant abandonment of “the rules”. He should have been disqualified, according to some.

    1. Katharine, love having snort company!…As to your husband, well, we have to go to the church that works for us ;)… and as for Tiger. Well. He might still be figuring out which church. Um hmm.

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