Bee Cottage: Welcome to My Garden

EAST HAMPTON–Summer is finally here, and Bee Garden is as happy about it as I am. Here is a peek, with more to come in the days ahead. I am so grateful to the lovely and talented garden designer Jane Lappin and her crew at Wainscott Gardens who keep it looking so beautiful. Thank you thank you!

Bee Garden Gate
A deep purple clematis twines its way over the gate to Bee Garden. Jane Lappin's associate Adrienne Woodduck worked with me to design the bee. I totally drove her crazy.

I love the little bee carved in to the gate. It took forever to get the design just right, simple as it is, but now I use it on calling cards, stationery, towels, and linens. Not to get carried away.

Roses on Porch
New Dawn roses climb their soft pink way up the columns round the porch.

This is the roses’ second summer, and we’re training them up the columns. By next year they should reach the beams, and oh boy that will be beautiful. Gardening is not for the impatient. That is the joy and the madness of it. (Woops I see some bad-hair-day privet there in the back. Gardening isn’t for the overly uptight, either; even though I sort of am… sometimes… about my garden.)

Roses and Dahlias
Roses and Dahlias

Clearly I need to get out there and dead-head.

These huge pink dahlias are big as my head.

Have you ever seen anything like these dahlias? They look like they fell off a Puerto Rican Day Parade float. And bless their hearts they bloom and bloom and bloom until frost. Many flowers make me smile, but these make me laugh.


  1. Fransister!!!! So proud of you! it is colorful, creative, informative, entertaining, and fabulous, just like you!!!!

    xoxo, D

  2. Can we switch places? I love what you’ve done with your front yard! Especially the front entrance just caught my attention!I’m planing on doing something similar but with vine!

  3. Frances, Love this web site!!! And, I love seeing all the photos of your garden at Bee Cottage. Gives me Inspiration to work harder in my five months of a growing season here in Lake Tahoe! Whew. It’s gonna take some time to catch up. Keep the inspiration coming!

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  5. Your garden looks great! It’s like the garden of the rich and famous. I love your Dahlias and you say it as big as your head? Wow! its really big, a sign that the soil is highly fertile.

  6. Fances…I LOVE the bee design on the gate…that is way too inspired. You totally should use it on everything! What a great logo for a line of….well…anything you want! Congrats on such a grand job…xx/DT

  7. Now I know why everyone makes such a fuss over “blogs”. Yours is the bomb! Really…
    The garden looks divine~~as does Bee Cottage and I am going to copy every single thing!!!
    Love you,

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