Talk About Blooming Where You’re Planted

Some determined and optimistic urban gardeners have willed this wonderful little garden onto a patch of dirt beside red brick row houses just outside New York City–in Queens I reckon. I was on the bus riding out to East Hampton last week and just happen to look up and see it, flourishing there just across from the hot old Long Island Expressway. It’s a far cry from the manicured lawns and hedges of the Hamptons, to be sure, but this garden has heart–and some pretty good looking beans, so far. To me it is as inspiring as Sissinghurst. And just FYI, the Horticulture Society of New York is all about urban gardening. (Full disclosure: I’m on the board there, and it’s great.) If you’re interested, visit their website at

Urban Garden
This urban garden at Horace Harding and 163rd Street flourishes in a sea of asphalt.