Doing Up for Valentine’s Day

Life at Rancho La Zaca was so hectic around the holidays that I never got around to posting about our New Year’s Eve party,* but when I was doing up the table–with friend Nina Griscom and sister Duvall’s help–I kept thinking it would be pretty that way for Valentine’s Day, too.

Roses and rose hips in simple drinking glasses (who would know?), and glittery birds atop gold painted pinecones.

We’re not having quite as many people here for Valentine’s as we did for New Year’s, but I’m sticking with red roses to work around. Not original, but neither are champagne and caviar, and when’s the last time you turned up your nose at that? Everything doesn’t always have to be the Moulin Rouge, if you know what I mean.

More roses and ''lovebirds.'' The paper mache birds I found on sale at Peridot, in Atlanta. The crystal and metal trees are from Treillage in New York.

If you’re looking for ideas, see what you might have in your holiday decorations that could travel a season or two. Couldn’t Christmas’ bird ornaments migrate to be Valentine’s love birds?

I wish for you happy decorating; but most of all, for happy hearts.

You can stick most anything in or around a placecard to add to your table decor. These small bird ornaments were also a sale item, from Paper Affair in Atlanta.

*There was a little write-up of the whole New Year’s weekend house party at RLZ written by Nina in the New York Social Diary, which you can read here.


    1. Thank you, Lori! We’ll see about that entertaining book. The next book is Just Bee, about Bee Cottage! Stay tuned…

  1. So beautiful! I can’t wait for Just Bee! By the way, I am addicted to The Perfectly Imperfect House, reading it over and over. Thanks for recommending it!

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