One Little Thing: Look 10 Pounds Thinner Right Now

No, your eyes do not deceive you, nor do I, your devoted servant and blogger. Go stand in front of a full length mirror, sideways. Now stand up straight; engage your abs–aka hold your tummy in–but please continue to breathe… just sayin.’ Hold your shoulders back with your head centered squarely over your spine. See what I mean. Ten pounds for sure, and 10 years too, I bet. Men, you too.

Now of course we all know this, so why the Sam-hell don’t we walk and stand like this all the time? If you do, good; you are an inspiration for all of us. If you don’t, practice. Practice practice practice, and soon, like gratitude it becomes a habit. (Remember that post? if not here it is.) You’re welcome. It’s the least I can do seeing as it’s fashion week and I’m out here in the boondocks where the closest thing to a catwalk is paw prints on the hood of my Subaru.

All the models pictured below are actually 72 years old and weigh at least 172 pounds — each, not all together. Good posture is a miracle and looks good on everybody, as you can see:

Per Se Collection, Spring 2012.
Ramona Keveza Spring 2012
Ramona Keveza Spring 2012
Tadashi Shoji Fall 2012
Ramona Keveza Spring 2012
Philosophy Resort 2012

Photos from New York Magazine’s fashion blog, In the Cut. To order from the Per Se or Carlisle collections, go here.

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