Come, and Be My Baby

Today’s post is dedicated to my readers, YOU. Thank you; you are a Valentine to me every day.

We are having a small dinner tonight for friends old and new, and every one has been asked to bring a poem to read. I was torn between “There once was a man from Nantucket…” and something by Maya Angelou. Just kidding. Sort of. But I am feeling a little sentimental, so I chose Maya Angelou, and I will dedicate the reading to my Cowboy, His Grace, my Valentine. (That is his full title, in case you were wondering.) If you don’t have a Valentine right this minute, you save this for when you do, ’cause this poem is the bomb. It also seems appropriate for someone who watches too much Fox News. Just sayin’.

Come, and Be My Baby, by Maya Angelou

The highway is full of big cars
going nowhere fast
And folks is smoking anything that’ll burn
Some people wrap their lives around a cocktail
And you sit wondering
where you’re going to turn
I got it.
Come. And be my baby.

Some prophets say the world is gonna end
But others say we’ve got a week or two
The paper is full of every kind of blooming
And you sit wondering
What you’re gonna do.
I got it.
Come. And be my baby.


  1. Happy Valentines to you and your Cowboy, my southern belle!

    Will save this poem for when my valentine arrives (he is frantically searching for me)!!

    Love you
    Viva xxx

  2. Happy Valentine’s day, Frances! I will be making your chocolate chip cookies (for about the fifth time now) for my dinner party tonight. They are always a huge hit! XOXO

  3. I love the poem…which I will take your advice and “save”…
    I’ve decided to be my own Valentine and love myself today.
    Thank YOU for being such an inspiration…everyday.

  4. PS: What a great article Nina wrote about her (New Year’s weekend) at RLZ. It sounds like it was a blast…filled with lots of laughs, love AND beautiful, effortless entertaining on your part. You truly are one of a kind. xo

  5. Happy Hearts Day to you, Frances! Will you read your poem tonight with your hand wrapped around a cocktail glass like me? just wondering…love, cam

  6. France: I look forward to seeing your BLOG e-mail on my computer. Thank you for sharing everything that you share. I especially went back and pulled out my Christmas BIRDS from the decorations to use for spring, etc. in my bird nests table decorations.

  7. Oh Frances, how lovely…and the poem is surely one to save. I am loving reading your blog…it never fails to make me smile and inspire me. So thank you from my heart and abs too!
    Love, Molly

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