8 Great Fancy Frocks–for Brides, Guests, or Glamorpusses

Screen Shot from Dee Hutton website

Coming back to earth from the Met gala in early May and its barrage of derring-do-dresses, I’m still a bit googly-eyed. But at the end of the day, what works best for me, and probably most gals who are not Kim Kardashian, is simple, timeless, feminine, and flattering. Here’s a peek at some pretties from Dee Hutton, a talented young designer and friend who fits the bill.

Need something for a cousin’s wedding ? Or a party where you might run into an old boyfriend and need to look really great?

This is whoa, but not J-Lo.

The Ellena gown from Dee Hutton,  available in a raft of colors.

A while back Dee Hutton had a trunk show at my sister’s in Atlanta. I kinda fell in love with the clothes then, and applaud that they are designed for women who actually have bodies. Radical, I know.

Love this with the leather bodice…

Designer and founder is Nedenia (“Denia”) Hutton Craig, named for her mother Nina Rumbough and her grandmother Dina Merrill (yes that one). Hutton comes from her great grandfather E.F. Hutton. Her great grandmother was Marjorie Merriweather Post. We’re talking a major style legacy here, to say the least.

Another thing I LOVE is that ANY of these can be made in pretty much ANY color your heart desires, including white or ivory for a bride, AND you can now shop Online.

Any Dee Hutton dress can be made in almost any color, or combination of colors, your heart desires.

You can also modify hemlength etc.

This would be a bridesmaid’s dress you actually liked. Though I must say bridesmaids’ dresses have come a long way since the 18th century, when I was married the first time.

I also like that this model’s legs are whiter than mine. If that is possible.

Many brides nowadays change from their long flow-y dresses to something more dance-floor-friendly, like the short white number above. We didn’t think of that when I was coming along. How cute would this be as an “act 2” outfit for a pretty young thing? And it could easily be worn again, together or as separates.

This one, though, stopped me in my tracks. In white or ivory for a bride, or in midnight blue or black for a femme fatale. Sooo glamorous with the tulle cape-y, jacket-y thing trailing behind. See you in Hollywood, doll…

On the subject of dressing, my friend Slim Paley’s post on the topic is wide-ranging and absolutely charming and hilarious–like all of her posts. If you don’t already know about her blog, I just gave you the BEST PRESENT EVER. You’re welcome.

Love, moi. 🙂

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