Tablesettings From New York’s Prettiest Party


Just a lovely way to start your day, or end it… The Horticultural Society of New York held its annual dinner-dance this past week, a beautiful night for a great cause.

Cherry blossoms are always wonderful, aren’t they?

Here’s a close-up of Jodi Zimmerman’s table… The little pots of wheat grass and ribbon-wrapped container are a nice touch.

This viburnum extravaganza had individual topiaries at each place as favors. I love favors and always think about doing them. That’s usually about as far as I get.

It’s all about the drama. If you want to talk to your cross-table companions, you have to do a bit of maneuvering. Not a bad thing.

The Hort’s own ever creative George Pisegna’s combination of burgundy, chartreuse, and white was a winner.

By the Hort’s own Goerge Pisegna

I love bird cages and butterflies, even though the lighting was bad here. This could have been a hat at the Kentucky Derby. Did you watch it? It was great.

Loved these ribbon streamers, especially on the chair backs.  Steal this idea.

This sprawling, vine-y arrangement is romantic, extravagant, and yet simple in its use of plant material. It’s all about go big or go home.

Speaking of going… have a beautiful day. It’s His Grace’s birthday AND our granddaughter’s baptism day. We have 30 for lunch, yikes, and I’m still in my bathrobe. Our centerpieces will be a little simpler than these. You can see them on Instagram.


  1. Happy Birthday Tom! Oh France’s, thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous table tops with us. I would love some ideas on lower center pieces, so that guests could enjoy seeing each other and have a conversation across the table. Have a fun day and meaningful day!

    1. Thank you dear Nancy. Yes these centerpieces are all about the show, arent they? I will certainly proffer more practical centerpieces in my normal course of things. If you are on Instagram, there are lots of photos and great ideas there for #tablesettings #centerpieces in my own feed and many others. Always good to hear from you, and a big Buenos Dias to our friends in Mexico!

  2. Beautiful photos, the first two are my favorites, prettiest party indeed! What a doubly-special day for you, HG’s birthday and baby’s baptism, double blessings and wishing all a most wonderful, happy day!

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