Travel Essential--Best Little Hair Dryer Ever

Travel Essential–Best Little Hair Dryer Ever

As you prepare for summer travels, you might try this little jewel of a hair dryer: the Babyliss Pro. Tiny and lightweight, but will blow your hair clear into next week if you want it to.

Yoo-hoo… I’m over heeeeere… traveling with hopeless Internet. High-class problem, but I do worry about you when I’m gone. As you prepare for your own summer travels, you might try this little jewel of a hair dryer. The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium yadda yadda. Who names these things? By the time you say it, your dang hair is already dry. 

BaByliss PRO TT Tourmaline Titanium and a 6-inch ruler, on a fab Designer’s Guild fern print linen (not included 😉

I like this one so much I use it at home and away. It has tons of power but is super light weight and easy to control with the nozzle thing. When my hair was longer, I’d be so exhausted from drying it that I’d get sweaty and the part I’d already dried would re-frizz and my cowlicks would pop back up and I might as well have left it wet. That is no way to start date-night.

You know how there are people with perfect cowlicks right in the front at the perfect place? I am not one of them.

My evil cowlicks and I will be back next week. Meanwhile hope you’ll follow me on Instagram. Montenegro today, Croatia tomorrow, the Italy, then home. Bellissima!  Travel posts to come…

All endorsements, shout-outs, and love taps on are non-compensatory, just so you know.


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