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Indispensable, Adorable Address Labels

Saw these on my friend HoneyPaper’s Instagram the other day and loved. Anything this tiny with packaging this exquisite has me at Hello.  Went straightaway to order from HoneyPaper for myself and will do for gifts as well. (Heaven help us, we’re already thinking about Christmas. ) From a company in Boston […]

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A Six-Pack Giveaway! (Books, not Beer…)

What a great six-book giveaway has been organized by the folks at Tandem Literary* That’s six little bundles of joy for you, or six holiday or hostess gifts in one swell foop! Done, boom! But tarry not, dear reader, deadline to enter is September 30. Here’s a link to the entry form. I […]

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Whatcha Reading? My Top Picks Lately (A Very Mixed Bag)

First off, welcome, welcome you boodles of new readers! I’m so happy to have you! Now. Since I cannot seem to keep up with what’s new (who can?), I try at least to keep up with what’s good. What have you read recently that blew your skirt up? Here are some of mine lately, in […]

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My Chat With the Washington Post

So you think it’s time I did a blog post, or what?! I know… So here we are. Was just chatting with The Washington Post’s Jura Koncius and readers of her “Home Front,” answering great decorating questions and dispensing my so-called wisdom;)  “Home Front” is a weekly jewel of design  advice and info. I was happy to […]

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The Power of Flower (Magazine)

Hi. Been a while. Confess I’ve been seeing a lot of Instagram on the side. And then there’s been this book thing… But we are still buds, you and I, right? Good. I missed you….Hey, do you know Flower magazine ? Begun in 2007 and growing ever since, there isn’t anything else like it. It’s all about “floral lifestyle.” I’m not sure what that is, but I think I have one.