Art of the Soul
Retreat at Rancho La Zaca, March 2022

Light on the horizon, vineyard at Rancho La Zaca
Light on the horizon at Rancho La Zaca

Your soul’s voice is your True Self speaking. It is who you were born to be, your deepest meaning and your highest purpose.  In this weekend retreat we’ll explore a variety of fun, take-home-able, non-woo-woo tools and techniques to access your soul’s voice via mind, body, and spirit. You’ll use your creativity, but you don’t have to be artistic. You’ll contemplate, meditate, and journal, but you don’t have to be a Buddha. You’ll walk and do a bit of really-easy-we-promise yoga, but you don’t have to be an athlete. And finally, we’ll do all the above AND eat well in a beautiful setting, and we do, after all, have to eat.

Frances Schultz with dahlias
Even when our lives turn upside down, our souls are speaking to us. Sometimes they bring us flowers 🙂

Life turned upside down gives us a different perspective, whether we wanted it or not. We all experienced disruption (at best) in the last 18 months of weirdness and loss. Some saw an opportunity to soul-search. I know I did…and still am. You too? If so, read on:

Hearing our soul voice and honoring it is what we were born to do. It is why we are here, what we are here for, and how we bring our light to the world. And y’all know bringing our light to the world is my thang.

Bring your light to the world!
Bring your light to the world! Photo by Kathryn Wrench

Listening to our spirit is the art of the soul. Esoteric as it sounds, it is easier than we may think and something we can do when we have the right tools. That’s just what we will learn, practice, and take home from this sweet and soulful retreat in the paradise of the Santa Ynez Valley.

Rancho La Zaca
View from the entrance to Rancho La Zaca, where our retreat takes place

Join fellow Martha Beck-certified Master Life Coach (yogini and adorable person) Angelene Price and me (sometimes adorable)  for two and a half days of intellectual, emotional, and creative connection of mind, body, and spirit. Oh, and gorgeous gourmet meals by Rancho La Zaca’s own Chef Stephanie Valentine.

Follow your heart to your art of the soul. Click HERE to reserve your place, or CONTACT for more information. $1375 includes the retreat and all the trimmings, two delicious lunches and two gorgeous dinners at Rancho La Zaca.

Table in Olive Garden at RLZ
Our table set for lunch in the olive garden at Rancho La Zaca

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  1. I am very attracted to all you are sharing and would love to come in 2023. However, I am a Christian Believer and if you can include my God/Higher Power as the One I seek and hear from I would feel much more at Ease. Do you have the God in the Holy Bible as Welcomed?

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