iPad Painting Workshop at Rancho La Zaca

iPad painting by Anne Ward
iPad painting by Anne Ward, teaching at Rancho La Zaca August 20-22

If ever there were a time for creative wellness, it is now. You with us?! Discover the beauty and power of your own creative voice,  and join us for this first-time-ever, very small, safely distanced iPad painting workshop at Rancho La Zaca.

We invite you to an all-inclusive* iPad painting workshop at our beautiful Rancho La Zaca, this August 20 to 22. Explore your creativity, spark joy, and learn an invaluable lifelong creative skill in a 2-day, safely-distanced small group at our own Rancho La Zaca, in the Santa Ynez Valley of California. Hosted by me and taught by LA-based professional artist and adorable person Anne Ward, this 2-day artistic sojourn will feed your spirit, nurture your soul, and make your heart sing.

By Anne Ward, an iPad painting of her garden in Los Angeles.

And speaking of food, all meals are provided by RLZ’s own incandescent chef Stephanie Valentine, and that alone is worth the trip. Stephanie, as many of you know, is the recipe author of California Cooking and Southern Style.

Whether you are an experienced artist or an intrigued beginner, come with an open heart and mind, and leave with a working knowledge of the Procreate app for iPad, a real sense of creative accomplishment, a few new friends, and an awakened artist’s spirit.

iPad painting by Anne Ward
iPad painting by Anne Ward, teaching at Rancho La Zaca August 20-22

Your Procreate iPad work may be printed on paper or canvas to frame and hang in a favorite spot. Or perhaps you fancy a pillow, or tablecloth, or (eye roll) a pretty mask. So many possibilities! In our workshop, you will learn the skills and the sources to create these items for yourself.

Live Your Best Art Life - Anne Ward
Artist and instructor Anne Ward created this collage of just a few of the pieces she has created with her iPad art. She may be a little obsessed, and you may be, too. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

And last but not least, as an artist you can use the iPad painting as basis for a studio painting in any medium, having worked out many of the compositional and color challenges first on the pad.

Truly the iPad is a tool that can transform your existing art practice or inspire an entirely new one. Plus it is just so darn fun you won’t want to stop. 

iPad painting by Anne Ward
It’s also great for portraits, and a wonderful thing to do while pretending to watch the shows your husband (or wife!) likes, or while watching your teenagers watch their screens.

I mean how gorgeous are these?!

Lavender fields a la iPad, by Anne Ward.

So come paddle along with us, and email me via the contact form here for more information. Please include your phone number and tell me a little bit about yourself and your art practice, if any. An existing art practice being helpful but not required.

iPad painting by Anne Ward
I wish I had a red kayak. That or this iPad painting of one by Anne Ward. But wait, I could paint my own… đŸ˜‰

*Workshop includes all meals, drinks, and luxury private, ensuite-bath lodging for resident guests and meals and drinks for commuting guests who live nearby or seek other accommodation. Rancho La Zaca is in Los Olivos, California, less than an hour’s drive from Santa Barbara and about 3 hours’ drive from Los Angeles.


  1. Leave it to you Frances, for generating yet another spectacular idea! Unfortunately, we are stuck (as in lockdown) in Melbourne Australia for many months yet, instead of spending the summer with our grandchildren in NYC as we do annually. My husband and I would have loved to have flown out for this workshop but can’t escape the Australian ‘prision’ .
    Is there any way you could turn this into an online workshop at some point? Not knowing anything about the technicalities, I don’t know if this would work. Bt we’d be interested in doing the course online with you and Anne. In any event, you have made my heart sing on this foggy winter morning Down Under.

    1. Dear Nancy,

      So nice to hear from you albeit under constrained circumstances. UGH we are all os OVER this panDAMNic – excuse my French. We have not yet planned an online version of the iPad workshop, but we haven’t ruled it out either. Thank you so so much for your interest, and stay tuned. I’ve printed your note to keep in my file, and will let you know. Meanwhile stay safe and well over there, and keep in touch.

      Warmly, Frances

  2. Frances,
    How I would love to join this workshop…however, won’t be possible. I am locked down in Lawrence, Ks. until??? I do enjoy your blogs and incredible recipes. stay safe and well.

    1. Dear Sylvia, I wish you could come to, but there will be others, and this will end and we will travel again. Keep the faith honey. Love, Frances

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