Happy Anniversary, Honey! Scenes from the Rehearsal Dinner

I did promise you pictures of the wedding, and here they are a year later. Didn’t want to rush you. Yes dear readers one year ago today my sweetheart and I were fixin’ to get hitched…

Southern Episcopalians

Seeing how it’s Sunday, and in case you missed this t-shirt, or if you have no idea what this t-shirt means or why it is funny, you’ve come to the right place. We are traveling, so I missed church this morning. I had a Mexican omelette instead. It was close to a religious experience but not… Continue reading Southern Episcopalians

A Wedding at Lincoln Center

Well it’s a big day. Our friends Preacher and Partner have flown to New York for Partner to sing Mozart’s Requiem at Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center. And as if that weren’t enough, they are getting married in the lobby of Avery Fisher Hall at intermission. The ceremony will be a few minutes long, with champagne… Continue reading A Wedding at Lincoln Center