A Wedding at Lincoln Center

Well it’s a big day. Our friends Preacher and Partner have flown to New York for Partner to sing Mozart’s Requiem at Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center. And as if that weren’t enough, they are getting married in the lobby of Avery Fisher Hall at intermission. The ceremony will be a few minutes long, with champagne for everyone. Then they’ll go back in for the rest of the concert. Have you ever. And I mean that in the best way.

Painting of Lincoln Center at Night
A lucky star shines over Preacher and Partner as they stride across the Josie Robertson Plaza toward Avery Fisher Hall. The little white blob is their pup Ike. This little painting was my gift to them.

I had been pondering what to give them. After 21 years together they probably already have a Cuisinart. They are also excellent gifters themselves, so the bar is high. To wit: Downton Abbey paper dolls; a “Free Mr. Bates” button; an armload of produce for His Grace’s juicing regimen; a bag of cleaning products for HG’s million computer screens; and perhaps most thoughtfully, 2 empty picture frames to fit the small canvases I have recently re-commenced trying to paint. I could not get over someone even thinking of that. So last Sunday after church I painted.

Painting of Lincoln Center
In the pretty frame they gave me.

They liked it. But honestly doing it made me so purely and simply happy that it was like I did it for myself. Which I kinda did. There is a message in that.

From my happy heart to theirs, on this day in the Big Apple, I wish my dear friends a bushel of joy, happiness, and love.

PS: Here’s a link to info on today’s 2 o’clock performance of Mozart’s Requiem, JIC. Partner, a dashing tenor by the way, is one of several talented members of the Santa Barbara Choral Society singing this Sunday, among others, presented by Distinguished Concerts International, Vance George conducting.


  1. Hi Frances,
    My friend and I have tickets for the concert. We’ll be sure to look for them and congratulate them.
    Love your blog. It’s always interesting, short, sweet and to the point. Thank You.

  2. What an exquisitely sweet and perfect gift — straight from a loving heart. Once again, Frances, you hit the mark.

  3. Frances, if you are not careful, we are going to expect a “Schultz original piece of art” for the Saint Mary’s auction 🙂

  4. I agree, Frances. The best gifts that I have made were the ones that also blessed me! I love the painting and think it is the perfect keepsake for their special occasion.

  5. My Dear Frances,

    I so look forward to your blogs and you always thrill me, surprise me and take the bar higher and higher. So now add painter to your long list!

    What a sentimental and perfect gift, you are a star!
    Viva xxx

  6. Frances, you have made this special couple very, very happpy. I know because they told me.
    When you talk about living a beautiful life, you certainly practise it.

  7. What a lovely gift, Frances! As my family is all about weddings right now (10 week countdown!); I wish them all the best on their unique and special day.

  8. Love your gift. Very personalized and loving. Best wishes to the happy couple. P.S. love your wall color or covering.

    1. Dear Kathleen, What a lovely thing to say. I hesitated to publish it for fear of being self-serving, but what you say is important and good for all to hear. We all deserve good things in life, every single one of us, and I am grateful to you for expressing it. Blessings, Frances

  9. My husband, Jim, and I are relatively new friends with Randall, Billy & Ike. Your blog is very touching and expresses the essence of who they are. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and presenting them with such a memorable gift.

  10. Oh Frances- my friend Margaret from Lookout Mtn told me about you. I am charmed with all you do and now a groupie!!! I’m new to all these magic “”e”” contraptions but my I pad and I look for you every morning. Thank you for sharing all your magic with us less creative ones. All your southern-isms warm my heart. You can take the girl out of the South but you can’t take the South out of the girl!!! Hooray to you. Elizabeth

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