I Was Never a Sun Worshiper. I Got Skin Cancer Anyway.

A scar even Frankenstein could love… 20 stitches inside and out following melanoma surgery in December. It looks much better now, btw! Scar update in my Instagram today. 

When my old college friend Katie Couric—you may have heard of her—saw my hideous Instagram post sporting the three-inch surgical scar I incurred after a melanoma surgery, she asked if I’d write a piece for her daily newsletter, the (excellent) Wake-up Call. Of course, I said, and here it is. 
Katie is big on cancer prevention and screening as many of you know, and so am I, a breast cancer survivor myself.

Thank heaven my diagnosis was early and I’m clear for now. But I am effing paying attention and pray you are too. Make an appointment with your dermatologist and get checked. Thank you.  Many people love you and dont want to lose you, including me. 


  1. I’m sorry this happened to you. They caught my melanoma on my leg 20+ years ago only because I insisted they biopsy it. They thought I was nuts but my intuition kept nudging me about it.

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