Do Not Spit…

Some things just need no explanation. When we were in South Georgia last week quail hunting (see post here), we stopped at a convenience store for a cup of coffee. This sign was posted above the waste basket. A simple and direct request, followed by “Please.” Very genteel.

Do Not Spit

Now you don’t often see signs like this on Madison Avenue or Rodeo Drive. And it does my heart good to be reminded that they, and the people who write them, and Lord willing the people who obey them, exist. That, and it saves us from having to see wastebaskets with tobacco juice spit in them, for which I am grateful.

Coming up: a glimpse inside the wonderful old house at Foshalee Plantation where we stayed, and an old family recipe for venison…


  1. This brings up so many questions… So, where do “they” spit?
    In a cup and THEN that goes in trash? On the floor? Lord help me, this is one thing I don’t have to worry about, so-Who cares? Funny, thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for plantation Pics!!

  2. Fransister, your readers need to know that when I texted you a picture of that sign, you replied back, “I had already spit by the time I saw it.” I almost fell out of my chair laughing!!! And of course, you had already taken a picture of the same sign!

  3. Duvall and Frances,
    You girls are a “hoot”! I wish I lived closer to you both! I need some little sistas! I vote we all buy a house in “Tarbra”. I’ll be sure to bring neighbor Sallie Cottle Wood (first Mother of Alley Oop) and we will never stop laughing!

  4. A few mornings ago at a fine Atlanta downtown hotel, I watched a man take his dog to relieve himself in the grass and then on the way back inside, he spit on the sidewalk?!

    1. Dear Anna Ball, Sometimes there is just no accounting for the complexities and contradictions of human behavior. 😉 Thank you for writing. x Frances

  5. LOL! I work at an indoor shooting range at the local pawn shop (classy, huh?). You wouldn’t believe how many people spit tobacco into our trash can! Must be an epidemic!! I’m gonna try this sign and see if it helps! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Anyone who has to be told not to spit in the trash can should probably also have an immediate instruction as to where they should spit… the sort of thing not to be left to chance…

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