White Columns and a Pink Convertible

Is this the cutest car you have ever seen? It was parked in front of the Lyford Cay Club in Nassau this past weekend as a harbinger of cuteness, yes; but more accurately perhaps to signal stylishness, great design, darlin’ people, and fantastic houses. It was the club’s first design seminar weekend and a smashing success. Stay tuned… more to come.

Pink Car, Lyford Cay, Nassau
Pink convertible with wicker seats parked in front of Lyford Cay Club, Nassau

I never thought I wanted a pink convertible with wicker seats, but I might be changing my mind about that.


  1. It puts our mini coopers to shame. i think you should figure out a way to have them made in the US. i would gleefully be your marketing director…x

  2. Thats fabulous! Saw something like it in Aspen a few summers ago outside the Little Nell…..some folks are so-so creative 🙂

  3. It’s pink cuteness personified! The only better thing would be to see fashionable you at the wheel with your hair flying in the wind, en route to your next adventure!
    Cannot wait to see more photos from the event!!

  4. Just plain adorable! Lucky you seeing this and being there this past weekend.Everything looks better at Lyford Cay!!!!!!!

  5. frances the car in question at Lyford is a Fiat Jolly. Made in Italy in the fifties for resorts such as Palm Beach, Lyford and Sardinia. A precursor of the Golf Cart but so much more fun. Best. Lawrie Weed (one of Tom’s Chicago friends)

    1. Ellen, yes! It is the same car – so adorable. And yes that is in Bridgehampton if I’m not mistaken. Y’all take a look at Ellen’s blog while you’re at it… Frances

  6. I used to have an old Cinque Cento like this when I lived in Italy, however mine was a boring gray. It was the most fun I ever had driving. Your post certainly made me laugh and brought back fabulous memories.

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